Arcadis strengthens Coastline Manhattan

Arcadis strengthens Coastline Manhattan

NY Sandy

Arcadis is in charge of actions to be taken to strengthen Manhattan’s coastline. Over four kilometers will be strengthened by building watercourses, dams and a better drainage system.

The Manhattan project is the first part of a coastal defense system. In order to win the project, Arcadis participated in the contest ‘Rebuild by design’. The contest was canceled after Hurricane Sandy, who caused tens of billions of dollars five years ago.

Water barriers

“We will build dikes, but not as we are used to the Netherlands.” says Edgar Westerhof, Director of Flood Risks at Arcadis in New York. In this area, there is to little space for the usual kind of dikes, for example because there is a road along the water.

In that kind of places we will build water barriers. They close as soon as a flood threatens. This is the first major work that extends over about four kilometers. Later there will be more. In total, it is an area of ​​about 15 kilometers.”


In addition to dykes and flood barriers, Arcadis also ensures better drainage of water and protection of subway stations.

The services of Arcadis have been popular with the US government over recent months. In August, an agreement was reached on strengthening the coast in Virginia state.


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