Audi innovates with solar roofs

Audi innovates with solar roofsAudi intents to equip a few car models with solar cells integrated in the roofs to provide additional primary power. Therefore, the company collaborates with Hanergy Thin Film Power Group.

Hanergy is a Chinese developer of solar cells and panels. The American branch of the company is Alta Devices.

Solar roofs

The solar cells should generate enough energy for the air conditioning and other electrical features in the car. In addition, the sun roof has to push the action radius of the electric cars.

Audi is not the first to offer integrated solar cells on car roofs. Earlier this year, Panasonic developed a solar roof for Toyota, with an output of approximately 180 watts. And the German start-up Sono Motors intents to start with the production of its EV with integrated solar cells. Meanwhile, Nissan Motor Co. offers an add-on solar panel option for its Leaf electric car.


From 2025, Audi will offer one-third of its models fully electrically. Previously, the company announced that it would reduce its R & D costs by € 10 billion to finance this electrical future.

The partnership adds the two companies to a growing effort to use photovoltaics on more car roofs.

Alta Devices, which was acquired by Hanergy in 2014, produces gallium arsenide thin-film solar cells.


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