Battolyser: the super battery

Battolyser: the super battery

If this large-scale storage of renewable energy in liquid ammonia succeeds, communities can cover long low wind and solar energy periods

The Battolyser, which will be used as a super battery in a gas power plant, is becoming a reality. 

For the first time, TU Delft researchers led by Prof. Fokko Mulder have produced an integrated battery electrolysis system – known as a ‘battolyser’ – that can not only store or supply electricity efficiently as a battery but can also split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis.

The hydrogen is released which can be used during the process to make ammonia. This ammonia will serve as a CO2-free fuel in Nuon power plant.

Storing green electricity

It’s hard to store wind and solar energy on a large scale. But Professor Fokko Mulder intents to store these green energy sources in the form of ammonia. Ammonia can then be used as fuel without CO2 in the gas plant.



By using ammonia, the Magnum gas fired power plant, preserves electricity.

  • The first step in the process is to convert the electricity into liquid ammonia
    It’s a chemical process which binds hydrogen with nitrogen resulting in ammonia
  • The Battolyser plays a key role during the process. The ammonia, stored in large tanks, can be used as a carbon-free fuel in the gas plant
  • It only releases nitrogen and vapor, no CO2


The battolyser is a nickel-iron battery, once introduced and promoted by Thomas Edison. A small first prototype will be tested by the University Delft. Once the battery is full, it starts to produce hydrogen. By 2018, professor Mulder expects to introduce a tested battolyser with the size of a shipping container. Enough to store the power production of a wind turbine.

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The battolyser may enable efficient and robust short-term electricity storage and long-term electricity storage through production of hydrogen as fuel and feedstock within a single, scalable, abundant element based device.


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