Best Building of the Year

Best Building of the Year

Best Building of the Year 2015: The Interlace / Singapore / OMA / Ole Scheeren

What will be the world’s best building of the year 2016? An happiness center in Bhutan, a silo adjoining chapel in Chile or the Chanel shop in Amsterdam with its enchanting brick facade?

This week the nominees have been announced for the World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF), the largest architectural awards festival in the world. In November the award ceremony will be in Berlin.

WAF is organized by the British company EMAP Publishing. The aim is to celebrate good architecture and help firms to gain international recognition. WAF also wants to initiate the discussion about architecture. This can help to create better buildings and environments.

There are 343 nominees, divided into 32 categories. Is your office on the shortlist, you may at the festival presenting your plan to a panel of three persons. At the end are awarded four awards: for the best building, future projects, interiors and landscape.

Best Building Nominees

  • Best Building of the YearValue farm, Shenzhen, China
    Thomas Chung
    After years of bulldozing for new construction, China has discovered the reuse of materials and buildings. The roof of an old glass factory in Shenzen is transformed to an urban farm. Here, residents can let grow their crops.
  • Best Building of the YearChanel Shop, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    MVRDV awoke the city with a living-shop which radicalizes the idea of a window. From the bricks to the frames and sills, it’s all transparent. Restrictions of the city administration was that 20% should be conventionally cemented. Thatt’s why the glass gradually petrifies upwards.
  • Best Building of the YearChapel Totihue, Chile
    Gonzalo Mardones Arquitecto
    Since 1972, the farming community of Totihue used an old silo as their chapel. Due to the earthquake in 2010 and the danger of collapsing, the silo had to be closed. Inspired by a drawing of one of the village children, Gonzalo Mardones restored the silo and expanded it with a modern barn.
  • Best Building of the YearRomsdal Folk Museum, Molden, Norway
    Reiulf Ramstad Architects
    Since Frank Gehry built the Guggenheim in Bilbao, every city wants an iconic museum. Ramstad shows that you can make a striking building without losing the local identity. Romsdal Folk Museum reflects the surrounding village buildings. The museum has been built of local spruce.
  • Best Building of the YearBhutan Happiness Centre, Bumthang, Bhutan
    1 + 1> 2 architects
    Bhutan was the first country in the world to measure the happiness of citizens. Now there is a happiness center where people can meditate, share their experiences and ideas and learn how to be happy. The design revolves harmony in materials, space and building technology.


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