Biogas system transfers soil into gas and electricity for African farmers


Plastic Biogas system Sim Gas Holland

The first 1,55 installations are operational in Tanzania and Kenya. By the end of 2014 that must be 5,000.
SimGas starts trial runs in Rwanda and India. Within 5 years they expect to deliver in 10 African and Asian countries.

Like many subtropical regions, farmers in the Sub-Saharan – Africa – depend primarily on wood for energy. 

Biogas is particularly well suited to meet household energy needs in Sub-Saharan Africa, while simultaneously improving both soil conditions and household sanitation. 


These systems will spark a revolution in the biogas business in (sub)tropical regions by providing unique, off-the-shelf biogas solutions.

  • With the biogas system from SimGas (Netherlands), smallholder farms are able to use manure from their livestock to generate energy and organic fertilizer
  • A biogas system may also be fitted with a pit latrine for sanitation. Urban biogas users can dispose of organic household waste and improve sanitation while reducing energy expenses.

A family that operates a six cubic meter biogas system can meet their daily cooking needs, burn a gas-lamp at night, and save money or time (3+ hours a day!) otherwise spent on purchasing or collecting wood fuel. They will also increase agricultural productivity, and improve household sanitation conditions.

Until now, it was complicated and expensive to build a bio-digester: a brick dome should be bricked.

A mass-produced bio-digester plastic is cheaper, requires less maintenance and seems to be the ideal solution for farmers, say, 5 to 8 cows.

With a local partner – a big producer of plastics in Tanzania – they opened in February a new plant to produce the system. Right now the first 1,500 systems are operational in Tanzania and Kenya.

With their Biogas system the international jury of Design Excellence Awards have ranked SimGas 3th in the list Social Impact Design.


Binckhorstlaan 36

2516 BE The Hague
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 624241440

Check for contact information in Tanzania and Kenya.

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