Breakthrough in CPV Technology

Suncycle CPV hybrid and compact

its compact design means it can be used in different applications and installed in various locations including on rooftops. The Dutch Army is interested to use it at missions in the world.

This breakthrough in solar technology is the world’s first Concentrated Photovoltaic system (CPV) with a built-in tracking system. THE solar hybrid technology allows for higher system efficiency and less electricity costs. 

This unique technology has great potential to help meet global energy demand.

Hybrid concentrating photovoltaic tech

Triple-junction solar cells

Suncycle’s Hybrid CPV technology uses highly efficient triple-junction solar cells, which have the highest proven efficiency under high temperatures and irradiation.

Rotating prism and mirror

Suncycle’s CPV concentrates sunlight using an internal tracking system. This technology combines a rotating prism and mirror that align together to concentrate sunlight 500 times onto a single III-V solar cell. The rotational movement is controlled by special software and motors which precisely track the sun to create optimal efficiency all day long. This enables a world leading system efficiency in actual operating conditions.

Thermal heat

As well as generating electrical power, the system produces thermal energy using active cooling technology. The collected heat can be used for various thermal applications.

Suncycle has been designed to meet the increasing global demand for energy. Its innovative technology allows electrical and thermal energy to be produced by the same system. Furthermore, its compact design means it can be used in different applications and installed in various locations including on rooftops.


What are the advantages of this hybrid CPV Technology?

  • A hybrid system which produces both electrical and thermal energy
  • A compact module with an innovative design
  • The world’s first Solar system with a built-in tracking system
  • Suitable for a variety of applications e.g. electricity production in combination with heating, air conditioning and/or clean water production
  • Roof top mounted and integrated
  • Ideal for housing projects, hospitals, the education sector, agriculture, infrastructure, industries and many other areas
  • An attractive investment for end users due to its efficient function and low material cost
  • Characterized by high aesthetic quality, low maintenance and easy replacement of modules
  • A recyclable system with an extremely favorable Life Cycle Analysis
  • Free of expensive foundations and tracker installations
  • Suitable for large scale production and assembly


Suncycle Technology BV
Founder: Peter Penning


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