BREEZE: a zero-energy hotel


World’s first zero energy and circular hotel. This is Hotel BREEZE

Hotel BREEZE’s air conditioning performs entirely circular. Without mechanical ventilation.

This innovative concept called the ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ (EWF) concept has been created by Engineer Bronsema.

Briefly the EWF works with falling water, sun and wind.

EWF: Buildings powered by nature

The system consists three main components:

  1. the Ventecdak
    The Ventecdak ensures supply and exhaus of fresh and dirty air through the use of force and suppression
  2. Climate Cascade
    this is an architectural shaft in which from above, water droplets are sprayed with can be cooled or heated by the air
    the air is supplied via the Climate Cascade
  3. Solar Chimney
    the air is discharged through a Solar Chimney
    The chimney heats ventilation air with absorbed heat from the sunlight.
  4. The air starts to flow in the Climate Cascade.

Healthier indoor climate

The Earth, Wind & Fire approach, improves the circularity of energy and is very cost efficient for buildings. But this circular system can also contribute to a more natural and healthier indoor environment.

Circulated air through buildings, spreads bacteria. Air filters are often a source of infection.
This system ensures that nature provides a healthy indoor climate

Hotel Breeze

In Amsterdam, the Dutch Green Company is developing the first (nearly) zero-energy hotel in the world. This hotel will be largely self-sufficient in energy, Earth, Wind & Fire plays a crucial role. It’s an unique hotel with an EPC of 0! The facade is designed from recycled wood and other materials have been sorted out at the lowest possible environmental impact.

This Breeze hotel will be completed in 2017.


The Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) is an index that indicates the energy efficiency of new constructions. It’s defined determined by calculations in the NEN 7120 that replaces the standard NPR 2916 for commercial buildings since July 1, 2012. In the Netherlands an EPC requirement of 0.8. is standard. This hotel will have the EPC 0. It’s perfect:

The building is powered by green energy

No emissions

And much heatier

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