Build Solar with SunBlocks

Build Solar with SunBlocks

Building integrated Solar Cells with SunBlocks

Scientists at the British University of Exeter developed a new way of generating solar energy: SolarBlocks.

These glass blocks can seamlessly be integrated into a building’s architecture and increase the efficiency of the solar cells that are incorporated into it.


The blocks, called ‘Solar Squared’, are able to focus on the incoming sunlight on the solar cells, which gives the individual solar cells more energy than the solar cells in traditional solar panels.

“We are aiming to build integrated, affordable, efficient and attractive solar technologies, which have the smallest impact on the local landscape. It’s an exciting venture and one that should capture the imagination of the construction industry, when looking to develop new office blocks and public buildings or infrastructure projects such as train stations and carparks,” said Professor Tapas Mallick, chief scientific advisor for Build Solar.

Investors needed

The scientists have set up a start-up called Build Solar, in order to be able to start the production and bring the Solar Squared to the market. The startup is currently looking for investors, so the product can be tested in buildings extensively. By 2018 the SunBlocks should be ready for the market.

As the product is currently in the test phase, no details are known about, for example, the power of the solar block.

It is well known that the solar panels can be processed in walls as well as roofs.


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