Build with nature – growing bricks

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Growing brick, no CO2 footprint

Growing Bricks create new opportunities for sustainable buildings. The growing process is successful because BIoMASON uses microorganisms to ‘grow’ sand into bricks, as a green alternative to traditional masonry. 

Growing Bricks founder Ginger Krieg Dosier strives to create an alternate building block that will craft a more sustainable future for te construction industry an in turn to help to lower the world’s ecological footprint.

40% of global carbon dioxide emissions are linked to the construction industry, primarily owing to exhaustive material production and disposal processes. bioMASON employs natural microorganisms and chemical processes to manufacture biological cement-based masonry building materials.

bioMASON came out on the top with this unique technology for Richard Branson’s Green Challenge, winning 500,000 euros to continue their research and work!

It’s green because

  • Made in ambient temperatures, no CO2 emissions, minimal dependency on natural fossil fuels, and can be made on site.
  • No waste in manufacturing
  • Environmental points
  • Product customization
  • Additive material performance such as increased insulation
  • Nutrients and minerals required in the process are obtained from natural, renewable sources, but may also be extracted from industrial waste streams.

About bioMASON

bioMASON Inc. was formed in 2012 by founder and CEO, Ginger Krieg Dosier. bioMASON is a unique biotechnology start-up manufacturing company with a natural process that will revolutionize the building and construction industry. 


North Carolina – USA
T. 00 1 (919) 410-3286


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