Building integrated photovoltaics

Building integrated photovoltaics

Thanks to its lightweight, unbreakable and flexible properties the solar cell foil can be easily applied to or integrated into countless products. The foil will supply clean energy for dozen of years.

Flexible building integrated photovoltaics layers are ready to be scaled up.

With new materials like the flexible photovoltaics, developed by the Dutch company HyET Solar, solar may perhaps be much more widely applicable and gain a greater share of the energy mix.

CTO Edward Hammers: “Our solar cell film is quite unique, it is light and flexible and therefore easy to use. We are able to make all kinds of custom applications and for example cover all kind of roofs. Our solution is aesthetically and functionally better integrated for the built environment.”

Roofs and landfills

The solar foil is applicable to large roofs that are not strong enough to support conventional solar panels. Think of trucks, roofs of corrugated iron or glass roofs.

Worldwide, there are many companies working on new applications of solar cells. Tesla for example, has developed solar cells incorporated into roof tiles. The solar cell itself is also evolving. In addition to the classic silicon cell, the new Perovskite solar cell growing strongly.

The advantage of Perovskite solar cells are:

  • the cells are cheaper and soon more efficient
  • Peroskite cells require less energy during the production process

Photovoltaics 600 g, 20 kg

The HyET Solar solar cell foil is 0.5 mm thick and weighs about 600 grams per meter. By comparison, standard PV is 40 mm thick and weighs 20 kilograms per square meter.

In terms of efficiency, the standard solar panels score higher. But, because you can easily cover a large roof with the flexible solar films, the total yield is almost the same.


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