Building with nature to protect the coast of Colombia

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Colombian institute Invemar started collaboration with Dutch engineers to combat coastal erosion

In order to protect the Colombian coast against erosion a team of Colombian and Dutch engineers have decided for beach nourishment.

A ‘sandy wall’ in front of the coast will protect the coastline between the mouth of the Río Magdalena river and the town of Ciénaga. By sand replenishment and especially natural forces such as wind and sea to do her job, a natural buffer in turn may arise.

The Colombian Ruta Nacional 90 threatens to disappear into the sea because of the erosion. To date, especially hard constructions taken as a measure against erosion. This often proved very costly, ineffective and durable.

More research

Before a final choice, additional research is required. There must be clarity about the effectiveness of different types of sand replenishment. Also there must be clarity about the consequences for the environment and the future design of the road. A small Colombian commission will establish the definitions the coming months.


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