Bulbs harvest moonlight energy

Bulbs harvest moonlight energy

We’re excited to see how architects will incorporate these energy generating orbs into alternative energy agendas and future building designs!

These Bulbs even harvest solar energy from moonlight.

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have again created a spherical, sun-tracking glass bulb that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times.

The company claims that its ß.torics system is 35% more efficient than traditional dual-axis photovoltaic designs, and the fully rotational, weatherproof sphere is even capable of harvesting electricity from moonlight.

It’s an idea from 2012 but …

While I agree to having some skepticism on the moonlight issue, I am open minded enough to have my attention tweeked by an article that was simply published ever so briefly by a third-party and not by someone looking for funding (as near as I can tell from my discussions with the author) and published just to pass along something they thought was interesting.

As any new idea it has yet to be proved but on the day that we start killing new ideas even without let them try, we will be all in 1984 George Orwell’s mindset. Challengers have made a great deal of money utilizing technology no one else thought was of an value!

So let’s continuel

Barcelona Bulbs generate lunar energy

The ß.torics system was invented by Barcelona-based German Architect André Broessel. He sought to create a solar system that could be embedded in the walls of buildings so that they may act as both windows and energy generators. But the project isn’t only noteworthy for its solar efficiency capabilities – the ß.torics system is designed to generate lunar energy too!

About the ß.torics system

The spheres are able to concentrate diffused moonlight into a steady source of energy. The futuristic ß.torics system is catching a lot of attention for its clean and beautiful design. (Despite solar power’s huge potential, we haven’t seen too many beautiful solar power technologies).

We’re excited to see how architects will incorporate these energy generating orbs into alternative energy agendas and future building designs!

BetterWorldSolutions comments

  1. great idea. any concentration device is interesting since we know that dual axis PV arrays harvest a lot more energy respect fixed axis ones and this
    In addition, has enhanced performances by concentrator
  2. Architectonic integration is far away from this but its the ‘con’ of all dual axis systems
  3. It seems a little too fragile (or too heavy) respect traditional PV systems, but again, it’s the common con of all concentrating systems

In the end: not for all conditions/situations/clients but could have its market share.


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