Burlington (USA) 100% renewable energy

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The milestone was reached when the city rounded out its existing portfolio of wind, water, and biomass energy by purchasing the Winooski One hydroelectric dam

Burlington (Vermont) is the first city to use 100% renewables for all electricity cities household’s need.

PBS NewsHour’s William Brangham reported on the implications for Vermont’s green movement.

Vice news reported that Burlington’s goal was reached when the city bought the 7.4-megawatt Winooski 1 hydroelectric project on the Winooski River.

Burlington is believed to be the largest community to have achieved this Green Goal. Other towns and cities across Vermont are on their way.

90% renewables in 2050

It’s one more step toward Vermont’s goal of getting 90% of the state’s electricity, heating and transportation energy from renewable resources by 2050.

In communities across the state, electric utilities are working to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. Vermont’s efforts are part of a green movement that is gaining ground all over the world, exploring ways to keep the lights on without fossil fuels.

Did you know?

  • In some countries, renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels because of their ability to harness sources of energy that are prevalent to their location
  • A American study showed that every dollar put into clean energy creates 3 times as many jobs as putting the same dollar into oil and gas



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