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BetterWorldConstructions Green Architecture and Urban Development

BetterWorldSolutions intents to start a new platform BetterWorldConstructions connecting regional and national networks of sustainable builders.

The focus will be on CO2-reductions in the construction sector.

Low Carbon Constructions

We have chosen to change Circular Infrastructure into Low Carbon Constructions. Why? Because there are a lot of advantages to transform our build environment using biobased building materials, low carbon concrete, recycled products to a completely circular economy.

Proven advantages:

  • millions of tons of emissions
  • it prevents the shortage of raw materials
  • the good air quality (indoor and outdoor) improves health
  • 100% recycling possible so its completely circular




Building with biobased construction materials and low carbon concrete, saves millions of tons of emissions

BetterWorldConstructions goals

  • BWConstructions will show the beautiful (architectural) projects including results, best practices and lessons learned in the world. We will give examples of building with:
    • biobased construction products
    • low carbon concrete
    • 100% circular construction materials
    • building with recycled materials (including cradle to cradle buildings and business parks)
  • The platform will supply toolkits for principals and project developers
  • Connects local, regional end national networks
  • BWConstructions: the desk for reporting issues and (regulation) barriers
  • BWConstructions publishes research papers, patents and material tests
  • Creates an international market place for all businesses involved in the sectors
  • BWConstructions aims to identify the main changes and trends in the field of bio-based materials for buildings, bridges, roads and more. We will provide a comprehensive update of all aspects for commercial applications. The focus will be on durable and demanding applications


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