By 2025 Norway all-electric

By 2025 Norway all-electric

This ferry the ‘Ampere’ is the first full electric Norwegian ferry. A study has shown that 127 of the 180 ferries could be driven using battery power or a hybrid propulsion system and still remain profitable.

Norway goes for all-electric cars by 2025. The country will ban all petrol cars.

The Progressive Party is well advanced in negotiations with coalition partners to reach agreement on it.

This news was reported by the big Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Norway would become in this area with the new directive one of the most progressive countries in the world. The Norwegian environment minister Vidar Helgersen of the Conservative Party has confirmed the news on Twitter.


In the Scandinavian country a quarter of the cars sold are all electric. The government will help the car industry to achieve the intended objectives to only sell zero-emission cars within a decade.


If there is one car company that focusses on the electric car, than it’s the Swedish Volvo. Until 2025 they want to sell a million cars with electric support. Volvo’s CEO has said that Volvo will produce at least two hybrid versions of each model. Moreover, the company has planned to launch a fully electric car by 2019.


Electric Ferries

Together with Bellona, Siemens analyzed the profitability of Norwegian electrical and hybrid ferries.  The result: 70% of all vessels with alternative propulsion systems on Norway’s waterways can be operated profitably.

The study has shown that 127 of the 180 ferries could be driven using battery power or a hybrid propulsion system and still remain profitable. Compared to diesel-powered ferries, they are much more environmentally friendly as well:

  • CO2 emissions are cut by 300,000 tons per year
  • Diesel consumption is cut by 100,000 tons per year
  • NoX emissions are cut by 8,000 tons per year

This study was compiled by Siemens and Bellona, a Norwegian environmental organization. The first fully electrical car ferry ‘Ampere’ served as a basis for the analysis. Having been in operation for the past six months on a regular schedule, Ampere delivers significant savings in operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Naturally these findings do not just apply to Norway. Any shipowner worldwide owning ferries operating with a similar profile to the Norwegian ferry fleet may benefit from running battery-driven or hybrid ferries.


In the Netherlands, the government passed a motion which Mr Kamp (Economic Affairs) was called to promote the sale of electric cars, earlier this year.

A majority of the House wants the government to aim for only emission-free cars within ten years. The Dutch government decided that this will be too ambitious.


Previously, the European Commission expressed it’s desire to ban all petrol and diesel cars from the road by 2050. In 2030, the use of these cars should have been halved in urban areas. These policies mainly aim to reduce significantly CO2 emissions.


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