Coast protection alternatives

Coast protection alternatives

Hundreds of volunteers helped to restore coast Alabama, building oyster reefs

We need to protect our coasts from global warming and – because of that – the sea level rising. But should we only use concrete seawalls?

Why not use nature against nature. Or a combination with classic engineering?

It’s a beautiful, natural coastal protection and soften shoreline defenses are multifunctional. It’s attractive to all kind of sea lives, tourism, fisherman and therefore a whole industry behind. Let’s have a look at alternatives. Read More

100 MW solar PV Philippines

Solar Power, Renewable energy, China, CO2

The Philippines has overtaken China’s leading role in Solar Power Productions

South-East Asia’s largest solar photovoltaic power plant will be build in the Philippines.

The 100 MW project ($ 175 million) will be operational in 2016 in Cadiz City. Read More

USA/Energy is investing $10 Million in Ocean Power


Wave power tests are funded by the US government

Wave power tests are funded by the US government

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) gives $10 million in funding to test two deep-water wave energy conversion (WEC) devices off the coast of the U.S. Navy Marine Corps Hawaii Base in Kaneohe Bay.

According to the Department of Energy Read More