Delft Hyperloop fourth in competition

Students from Delft Hyperloop with their vehicle in the vacuum tube, in preparation for the final of the Hyperloop Pod Competition 2019.

Last sunday, a student team Delft Hyperloop took part in the final of the Hyperloop Pod Competition 2019 of SpaceX in Los Angeles.

Because of various malfunctions, the vehicle didn’t reach the intended top speed. Nevertheless, the students finished in fourth place. Read More

University Delft, course e-mobility business models

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Projects worldwide show that financial sustainability is a hard nut to crack, especially when technology is still under development and governments are searching for the right policies to increase adoption.

The University Delft offers a course e-mobility. Learn from experts how to develop profitable e-mobility business models.
This new course explains how can electric mobility work for various businesses, including fleet managers, automobile manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers.


Started on June 26, 2018 Read More

Sweden opens first electric road: Driving and charging at the same time!

Sweden opens first electric road

Sweden is at the cutting edge of this technology, which we now hope to introduce in other areas of the country and the world.

Sweden has opened the world’s first electrified road. The 1.2-mile route, between Stockholm Arlanda airport and a logistics site, will now actively charge cars and lorries as they travel along it using an innovative energy transfer system.

Plans are in place to expand the project throughout other parts of the country and the world.

In 2017, Sweden opened another electric road with lines and taps.

Hybrid trucks specially fitted with a device called a ‘pantograph power collector’ can drive underneath the lines and tap into the power. When connected to the lines, they run completely on electricity.  Read More

Paris invests in 1000 Electric Buses

Paris invests in 1000 Electric Buses

Heuliez, Bolloré, Irizar, Solaris, Yutong and BYD are suppliers of the Paris e-buses

1000 Electric Buses will be ordered to spearhead Paris goal Of 100% Zero Emissions Public Transportation.

Paris aims to restrict motor vehicle access in the center of the city and require the roofs of all new buildings to be covered either in solar panels or vegetation.

Now the two largest public transportation companies serving Paris and its surrounding areas — Îl de France Mobilités and RATP — have embarked on a bold new initiative to make all the buses in their fleets zero emissions by 2025. Read More

India is trending, boosting EV, batteries, PV …

India is trending boosting EV, batteries, PV ...

India is trending, boosting Electric Vehicles, the Lithium-ion battery industry, Solar Power and even assigned 100 smart cities

India is changing fast. Since a few years, the country invests huge amounts of money in solar PV projects to supply metro, train and urban areas with green electric energy (goal: 100GW of solar power by 2022).

The latest news is that India intents to boost the development of lithium ion batteries and Tata announced its plans launching an electric version of the Nano car for exclusive use as a fleet car.  Read More

Superfast EV Charging across Europe

Superfast EV Charging across Europe

By comparison, the ‘second generation’ Tesla Superchargers have a capacity of up to 145 kW

A superfast EV Charging connection right across Europe is currently being built.

Energy supplier E.ON and Clever are building this so called E-Highway from Norway all over to Italy in the South of Europe.

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