What Does a Grid Need to Be Resilient?

Resilient grid

Recent experiences in the United States demonstrate that new technologies and systems, including mini-grids and the communication and automation technologies that sync them with traditional power sources, can help prevent energy crises like the one being experienced in Puerto Rico

When we talk about renewable energy sources like solar and wind we need appropriate forecasting as it can affect the grid integrated to the solar or wind system as it can lead to frequency fluctuations, along with appropriate forecasting we need to have data for demand and supply in which area and at what time as demand and supply prediction along with appropriate forecasting will be helpful in making a grid resilient.

But grids need more to be resilient.

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HEROES project removes barriers PV-Grid Integration

HEROES project tackles PV-Grid Integration

The EU HEROES project removes barriers PV-Grid Integration in various countries

The European HEROES project in which seven European countries participate intents to remove barriers to the integration of solar power into the grid.

The kick-off will take place in The Hague on 19 and 20 September.

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GE MicroGrid Solution

GE MicroGrid Solution

One of many battery-system components that will help microgrids.

General Electric (GE) published a MicroGrid architectures for distribution companies and MicroGrid operators.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defines a MicroGrid as a group of “distinct distributed resources such as generators or loads”, located within close geographical proximity of each other, “so that they represent a single generator or load to the wider electricity system.” Read More

Blockchain technology for Microgrids

Blockchain technology

At its core, blockchain technology is a way to transfer any kind of data or information in a fast, tracked, and secure way without the need for an intermediary institution. Initially developed to allow peers to directly exchange digital currency faster and at lower cost, blockchain is now yielding a variety of promising new solutions beyond financial services.

The blockchain technology has attracted public interest as it provides an effective instrument to satisfy the needs of people to cooperate horizontally with each other in economic and social spheres like energy microgrids.

Blockchain technology is an innovative method of storing and validating data that permits direct transactions between energy producers and consumers.

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Gates invests $1 Billion in Breakthrough Energy Tech

Gates: We need an energy miracle

Gates: We need an energy miracle

Bill Gates is launching $1 billion fund, called Breakthrough Energy Ventures, to invest in new forms of clean energy. 

He said that there is an urgent need for “high risk” investments in breakthrough technologies for renewables.

In July 2016, Gates considered 2 billion.   Read More

Open Energi Dynamic Demand Saves

Open Energi Dynamic Demand Saves

Open Energi Dynamic Demand Saves. This means we can make better use of our existing infrastructure and deliver massive savings for bill payers.

Open Energi is making our energy smarter and cheaper with Dynamic Demand.

They developed features harnessing flexibility in our demand for energy to build a new energy economy which is clean, affordable and secure.  Read More

SmartestEnergy Triad Alerting Service Saves Tons

SmartestEnergy Triad Alerting Service Saves Tons

SmartestEnergy offers a Triad alerting service which highlighted two of the three Triad periods last winter as “very likely” candidates which gave customers forewarning to take action if possible to optimize their position.

SmartestEnergy developed a Triad Alerting Service for businesses and industries which saves tons of electricity costs in periods of electricity peak demands.

Triads are the three half-hour periods of highest system demand between November and February each year, separated by at least ten clear days. Read More

Smart Cable Guard: safeguards any medium-voltage underground cable network

Smart Cable Guard

Smart Cable Guard: You will receive immediate alerts of any faults, including recurring hidden faults (self-healing breakdowns) that are difficult to detect by conventional methods.

DNV GL’s Smart Cable Guard online monitoring system safeguards your medium-voltage underground cable network by pinpointing weak spots and faults.

This online multi-functional monitoring system saves millions because of it’s early warning system that prevents your area from electricity breakdowns.  Read More

Positive business case producing hydrogen on Oil Platforms North Sea

oil platform s

Important additional returns for society can be that less investment is required in offshore power grid to the extent that existing gas grid can be used to get offshore wind energy onshore.

An interesting study of the Energy Delta Institute remained unnoticed for two months: it could be financially attractive to produce hydrogen at unemployed oil platforms in the North Sea with wind energy that is extracted at sea nearby. 

In a report launched November 2015, EDI presented the findings of a study on a simulated wind-and-gas-energy-conversion pilot project in the North Sea. Read More

SolarCity: grid of the future

SolarCity: grid of the future

SolarCity connected mini grids

SolarCity – started in 2006 in California – fulfills all consumer renewable energy needs. From power generation to storage and transportation.

As an aggregator, they offer a full service lease construction:

  • Solar panels for the energy
  • Tesla batteries for the energy storage at your house
  • 24/7 monitoring the house energy balance
  • Energy shifting algorithms to exchange the energy in your neighborhood

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Route Energy: 10 challenges


We have to rush to limit climate change and to seize the economic opportunities that the transition entails.
This WindWheel has released an architecture design for the wind turbine of the future

10 challenges we should overcome in order to transform successfully to a sustainable, strong and secure green energy economy.

Buildings, transport, industry, ICT, user behavior, energy storage, solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, CO2 capture and more … Energy is one of the biggest changes in this century and has many aspects.

We present to you the ten important and urgent challenges, summarized by NERA. Read More

Predictive Analytics Business Game Changer

smart city, megacities, open data, smart metering, smart grid projects, dossier, Hong Kong, Strategy

New solution takes advantage of Verizon’s 4G LTE network to enable high-speed, high-performance smart grid applications that deliver broad territory coverage, low latency

Forrester Research evaluated 13 big data predictive analytics solution vendors and IBM emerged as one of the three leaders. 

Predictive analytics has never been more relevant, and easier, than it is now. Big data, gobs of compute power, and modern tools are making predictive models more efficient, accurate, and accessible to enterprises. Read More

FerrisWheel: the Future Windmill

FerrisWheel: the Future Windmill

The power of this design is the building with an open eye. The hole will generate renewable energy by water drops circulating in an electric field.

Dutch WindWheel has released an architecture design for the wind turbine of the future: the FerrisWheel.

FerrisWheel design:

  • The windmill is 174 meters high
  • The hole in the middle ensures renewable energy with water drops
  • The building will generate solar power
  • In the building is enough space for apartments and hotels

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Compressed Air Storage System feeds Toronto Hydro‘s power grid

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Hydrostor claims its system is better than 60% efficient. That means it loses less than 40% of the energy used to charge and release.

A Toronto company, Hydrostor Inc., this week launched a Compressed Air Storage System to feed Toronto Hydro‘s power grid.

The one megawatt system is a pilot project and is really quite simple. Read More

With plug-and-play MetriBox immediately electricity insight

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MetriBox gives quick insights from your business energy usage

Do you want your business energy insights directly in a dashboard?

CimPro introduced a mobile measuring kit and an online portal for energy data.

From now, you will have insights in the the energy consumption of plant, machinery, buildings, or parts of it.  Read More

10 – 40% savings on energy costs with demand software

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Real time energy prices during the day Flexible programming of smart devices results in the maximum benefit of variable energy prices.

By responding to the varying energy prices, Senfal optimizes the purchase of energy for companies. The company claims to realize the savings between 10 and 40%. 

The current energy demands, offers great opportunities for a sustainable and economic optimization.

Flexible programming of smart devices results in the maximum benefit of variable energy prices. Read More

Smart Grid – Position Paper University of Denmark

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different technologies can be used for micro-CHP, including stirling engines, rankine engines, internal combustion engines, and fuel cells.

Fuel cell based micro CHP units in homes and commercial buildings can help the electricity grid assimilate more renewables according to the Technical University of Denmark.

Scientists published a report explaining the need to create a market for electricity services to draw new technologies such as micro CHP into wider use and accelerate the cost reduction needed for general consumer uptake. Read More

IoT transforms cities to renewables

internet of things, IoT

The Internet of Things has the potential to make renewable energy more effective and a much better investment, therefore more people might buy solar panels, storage batteries and other green devices.

IoT – the Internet of Things is seen as crucial to the growth of renewable energy.

The IoT will produce vast amounts of data and this new information will tell us more about human behavior and provide us with systems and models to better predict and control energy usage. Read More

El Hierro: greenest island in the world

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It actually began with that desalination, says mr. Quintero, director of the water supply in El Hierro.
We have just a little fresh water on the island. The construction of banana plantations in the eighties made the scarcity urgent.

This Spanish volcano island wants to be the first climate neutral island of the world.

This island is a Green Energie example for the world. Read More

SmartCity Pilot Chicago

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In collaboration with the Illinois Science and Technology Challenge, the Illinois Open Technology Challenge has been launched to bring government, developers, and communities together.

Chicago plans to invest in a new fiber optic ring to achieve gigabit speed over an open network.

By combining this new network with a competitive price point, it hopes to create an incentive for digital technology companies to locate in, or re-locate to, Chicago. 

Chicago is working on the concept of sharing spectrum allocated for public safety, so that, when available, it can be used for small cells, cell phones, and so on.

But there are more pilots in Smart Chicago Read More

Smart City Projects Hong Kong

smart city, megacities, open data, smart metering, smart grid projects, dossier, Hong Kong, Strategy

By placing Wi-Fi facilities at designated government premises, the GovWiFi program aims to transform Hong Kong into a wireless city, providing free wireless Internet to all citizens.

Hong Kong’s approach to becoming a smart city has been to focus intensively on ICT. ICT can bring to the life of the city, the government thinks.

This is most clearly visible in their approach to information and data management, improvements to Wi-Fi networks, and development of e-government solutions. Read More

Smart City Projects Boston

smart city, megacities, open data, smart metering, smart grid projects, dossier, Boston USA, Strategy

With its Citizens Connect app, the Hub is showing how to use technology to empower citizens and involve them in the inner workings of the city.

The Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics in Boston is responsible for the three core programs that make up the city’s smart masterplan:

  1. Participatory Urbanism
  2. Clicks and Bricks
  3. 21st Century Learning

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Smart City Projects Stockholm

smart city, megacities, open data, smart metering, smart grid projects, dossier, Stockholm, Sweden, Strategy, hub

Efficient and eco-friendly waste management is an important part of society’s infrastructure. The City’s goal is to minimise the amount of waste produced and to increase the percentage utilised through re-usage and recycling.

The main focus for Stockholm as a smart city has been to bring its citizens, government, and other constituent parts together, enabling simple, effective communication, and an open flow of information.

One such example is the city’s investment of €70 million in high-quality, accessible e-government services since 2007, which has created over 50 new digital services and cut management costs substantially. Read More

Smart City Projects Rio

smart city, megacities, open data, smart metering, smart grid projects, dossier, Rio, Brazil, Strategy

City decision makers to manage day-to-day city services as well as for the aforementioned purposes

Being chosen to host the 2016 Olympic Games and some of the most important matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the second largest city in Brazil faced tremendous challenges to increase the security of its streets and establish a reliable monitoring system to assure unpredictable weather conditions were handled with the proper measures by local authorities. Read More

Smart City Monaco

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Of course the city state of Monaco doesn’t need a lot of introduction. It is well-known for its luxurious yachts, the Formula 1 race and the glamorous casinos featured in the Bond movies. 

However it is also one of the most densely populated places in the world and the historic town with its narrow hilly streets also creates traffic congestion, especially when goods need to be unloaded, garbage collected, etc.

That’s why they started the Monaco City 3.0 project. Read More