City heat grid uses waste heat from paper industry

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Heat Recovery In Industrial Refrigeration efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their utility infrastructure.

Heat recovering Industry system.

Paper factorySappi can not use the heat which is produced during the proces, itself.

Therefore the waste heat is sent to the power company and ‘recycled’ to produce heat and cold for homes and businesses in the city of Maastricht. Read More

Software is critical for optimizing Smart Grid Technology

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Advanced software enables energy storage to fully realize its potential

In 2015, energy storage will grow 250%, from 61.9 megawatts in 2014 to an estimated 220 megawatts.

Today, energy storage systems are addressing significant grid quality challenges such as frequency regulation, ramp rate control, smoothing peak demands and more.  Read More

Smart heat grid campus

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renewable geothermal heat source, which will supply between 40 and 50% of our heat requirements.

The Technical University of Delft want the campus to be energy neutral by 2020. Part of this metamorphosis involves a new smart heat grid.

TU Delft is converting the existing heating system into a smart heat grid that provides heat at various temperature levels from various conventional and renewable heat sources.

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Smart Grid Project examines 4 user groups

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Smart grid solutions ensure a sustainable future with renewable energy

In the Smart Energy Collective & Co project (ProSECco), fourteen partners are studying how energy grids, services and technologies can be adapted to the continually increasing demand for electricity. The project focusses on four user groups:

  1. an office in Rotterdam
  2. an all-electric district in Gorinchem
  3. a district with gas and electricity in Heerhugowaard
  4. a district combining heat generation and storage in Goes

ProSECco is testing a single basic design of a new market model on all four user groups.

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PowerMatching City 2

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PowerMatching City demonstrated that smart management of energy supply and demand is technically feasible and generates value for all stakeholders. Flexibility has economic value. The benefits of flexibility for the Dutch consumer market could amount to as much as € 3.5 billion.

In 2009 a village in the Netherlands started the world’s first smart grid pilot project: PowerMatching City 1.

The project incorporated 22 households, (micro) CHP units (combined heat and power), hybrid heat pumps, solar PV panels, smart devices and two electric vehicles.

This successful project was followed up with PowerMatching City II, including an additional 40 households. In PowerMatching City II, gained practical experience with new energy services and the feed in of renewable energy to the grid.

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Modular smart grid business parks

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Eight businesses have since displayed interest, now that the business park is accessible via a tunnel under the railway. So the setting still offers opportunities for us.

The Modienet consortium designed a development method for smart grids. This will ensure efficient distribution of all energy generated locally by wind turbines, solar panels, biomass boilers or biomass CHP plants in the A1 business park in Deventer.

The development method is already being deployed in existing business parks to align energy supply and demand.

Modular smart grids will make it possible to efficiently scale up the energy supply of business parks in the future.

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Electricity grid on DC voltage


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There is interest in our project from all over the world, even from Germany, which normally leads the Netherlands in sustainable energy developments.

We are consuming more and more electricity because of the increasing use of complex devices. We are also increasingly generating energy using local sources.

The existing AC grid is not designed to meet this demand.

In a greenhouse development called PrimAviera, the world’s first DC grid based on sustainable energy is being installed. This pilot project proves that DC voltage could offer a solution for today’s energy issues.

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Smart Grid Project Heijplaat

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If you want to make a community completely sustainable you need to have intrinsically motivated residents. We want to build a sustainable Heijplaat together with them.”

Heijplaat, a harbor district in Rotterdam, wants to become completely energy neutral by 2020 by using locally generated solar and wind energy, modernizing old housing and building new energy-neutral homes and installing smart grids.

The project parties also studied ways to encourage residents to become more energy efficient.

The pilot project has revealed how important it is to take account of the residents’ priorities and local conditions.

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Smart Grid Electric transports

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Plug Into The Smart Grid

The project partners in Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources wanted to add a new dimension to energy consumption and mobility.

They established a pilot project in Eindhoven to encourage the use of locally generated solar energy in electric vehicles using a smart electricity grid.

They found solutions for local energy storage and attempted to establish a cooperative in order to encourage businesses and consumers to actively manage their energy supply and demand.

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Couperus Smart Grid

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The center’s design takes advantage of the earth’s constant temperature to provide heating and cooling.

All 288 homes of an apartment complex in The Hague, have a heat pump which is controlled by the PowerMatcher.

This software system ensures that supply and demand of electricity are optimally aligned, resulting in less peak loads on the grid and a more balanced system. This means fewer grid upgrades will be needed in the future and the system will be more stable.

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Smart Dynamic Charging For Electric Vehicles

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Lithium iron phosphate battery which can be charged and discharged to store renewables

Use the EV batteries to store energy locally.

Since there is an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles (EV’s) there is an increasing amount of battery power connected to the electricity grid. 

This can be used for Dynamic Energy Management (DEM) to balance the electrical grid better.

The possibilities for Dynamic Energy Management with EV’s are currently being researched within the Smart Grid v2X Energy & Mobility project.
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Framework for Electro Mobility

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Plug Into The Smart EU Grid

The of the case study Green e-Motion is to accelerate growth in the European market for electrically chargeable vehicles through the realization of complete infrastructure that delivers a seamless, integrated experience for end users.   Read More

Smart Grid Companies and StartUps

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Let’s build the grid together

Grid integration of microgrids for increased resiliency and faster recovery of supplies. Successful smart grids manage large volumes of fast-changing data.

Here you will find some beautiful Smart Grid companies and StartUps.  Read More

Smart Cities & IT

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With 37 million people, Tokyo Japan is the biggest city in the world in 2015.

There is enormous potential for information technology to reduce the need for physical movement by enabling urban dwellers to access more and more services online.

Using IT networks to connect and coordinate cars and public transport can also help reduce traffic congestion and accident risks. Read More

Cities – Smart Transport Systems

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ULTra Personal Pods: Taxis of the future?

Transport, urban planning, business, public services, energy and food supply can no longer be considered in isolation. We need to create truly integrated systems where people have choice, flexibility and seamless connectivity: people need the ability to check information before, and during, travel will allow people to optimize their journeys, and perhaps even substitute a degree of physical movement with virtual access to lifestyle needs.



Which solutions do we have? Read More

Smart Grid Projects Europe 2014

Smart Grid projects Europe including investments

The projects surveyed have an average budget of € 7.5 million and an average duration of 33 months

The European Commission for Energy presented the latest analyses and insights of smart grid projects across the European Union (EU) Member States. 

Edition 2014 includes 459 smart grid projects, launched from 2002, amounting to € 3.15 billion investment, realized in the 28 EU Member States plus Switzerland and Norway. Read More

General Electric largest energy storage project in California

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GE provides the largest power storage plant in California

General Electric (GE) will provide Coachella Energy Storage Partners with a 30 MW battery contract.

The plant will be located in California’s Imperia Valley. Read More

DC voltage on a large scale

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Because of the rise of renewables, Airport Lelystad and the surrounding industrial region has chosen for DC

Lelystad Airport will be developed with a revolutionary infrastructure for DC. Over a century later, Thomas Edison will thus still be equal. Read More

Smart Grid Project Utrecht

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A sustainable image of the end users en the neighborhood are maybe the key success factors

Smart Grid Project Utrecht (the Netherlands). 

Technology and investment in Smart Grid infrastructure: Case study including results.

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Smart Meter Project Philadelphia

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Smart Grid Smart Meter Project Philadelphia: 1% voltage reduction

Smart Grid & Smart Meter Project greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Technology and investment in Smart Grid infrastructure: Case study including results. Read More

Smart Grid Sioux Valley

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Case study Smart Grid Meter Project Sioux Valley, improved power quality and operational efficiency

Smart Grid Smart Meter Project Sioux Valley Dakota (USA). Technology and investment in Smart Grid infrastructure: Case study including results.

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China Eco-Transport Grid

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This demand response GEF project reduces the CO2 footprint with 15.2 million metric tons

Demand Response and Smart Grid Technologies Hebei province (China). 

Technology and investment in Smart Grid infrastructure: Case study 2012 – 2016, including results. Read More

Dutch city scoops with green power from electric cars

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The district in the Netherlands can run almost 100% on it’s own solar power

Generating local electricity with solar panels during the day, store the excess in electric cars in the neighborhood, and set back the electricity back to households in the same area in the current evening: that isn’t a dream anymore. 

Since June 9th, 2015, this idea is reality in a part of the Dutch city Utrecht.  Read More

Smart Grid Agri California

Smart Grid, Case Study, Smart meter, Infrastructure, climate change, Carbon, Agri, CaliforniaSmart Grid Project web to wireless controller for irrigation pumps for an agricultural demand response program in California (USA). 

Technology and investment in Smart Grid infrastructure including sensors, smart meters, and monitoring equipment: Case study including results. Read More

Rotterdam recycles industrial waste heat

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In the Rotterdam region, greenhouses burn together about 28 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas. That’s approximately 885 million cubic feet of natural gas per year.

Until a few years ago, all the waste heat from the petro-chemical industry in Rotterdam got lost in the river. Sin!

Since 2015 Rotterdam made a sustainable infrastructure that connects the hot effluent to the city heating system. A benefit for hundreds of thousands of houses in Rotterdam. Read More