Drones to plant billion trees

planting trees, using drones

Drones plant thousands of times more seeds and only needs one worker to pilot multiple drones

Drones to plant a billion trees?

According tot Lauren Fletcher, former engineer at NASA and CEO of BioCarbon Engineering, this is possible.

Flatcher has developed drones that will carry pre-germinated seeds, dropping them in pods from 3 meters above the ground. With drones, he claims to be able to replant 36,000 trees a day.

That’s about one billion trees per year at 15% of the costs of hand plantation. Read More

Fishermen predict flooding

Fishermen predict flooding

Hut’s research showed that data from temperature-sensing waders worn by the public and shared with scientists, can be used to decide where the most interesting places are to do more detailed and more expensive research.

A flooding costs billions.
Scientists can predict a flooding or droughts using sensors in a river or ditch. With the new sensing pair of waders, fishermen around the world, help scientists.

This new technology is a lot cheaper.

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SmartMeters: now 4G LTE


The all-IP flat network architecture of LTE, makes the smart meter well-suited for use by electric utilities

SmartMeters are hot. A next generation 4G LTE smart metering solution for households provides broad territory coverage, low latency and network longevity, using the fastest 4G LTE technology available today.

This solution will save energy companies (and households) millions of dollars because:

  • they are cheaper than the old ones
  • remote control is possible
  • they enable high speed
  • these high performances smart grid applications, deliver broad territory coverage
  • low latency

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Perfect savings with the new generation smart meters

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Next generation Smart Meter with 4G LTE network to enable high-speed, high-performance smart grid applications that deliver broad territory coverage, low latency

Have you already heard about the next generation smart meters?

The meters are equipped with LTE technology (4G).

A Dutch energy company saves 118 million euro’s (128 USD) comparing the ‘old’ smart meters. Read More

Car driving on formic acid: high potential new technology

Brains Award for car on formic acid

Dutch students Start Up ‘Team FAST’ is building world’s first car on formic acid. For this high potential technology, the team was honored with the Brains Award 2015.

Is Formic Acid the high potential new technology, cars are waiting for?

After Hydrogen, it seems to be a high potential one. 

Formic Acid is produced by using electricity. Wind farms or solar panels supply the power that is needed for the production of Formic Acid, thus it is completely carbon neutral. Read More

Let’s clean up the Oceans with this SeaBin


The rubbish bin, designed to float in marinas, inland waterways, residential lakes and harbors, catches floating debris and liquids by sucking water from the surface and letting if flow out through the bottom of the structure, trapping waste in a catch bag.

Do you love your boat? And do you want to clean up the water in the harbor? This is what we have for you. This genius bucket can suck garbage right out of the ocean.

It’s called the SeaBin and it works just like a fish tank filter. Let’s get rid of the plastic soup. Read More

A Road From Recycled Plastic

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The hollow structure there is room for other infrastructure such as cables, pipes and water

VolkerWessels construction company introduced the concept Plastic Road; a concept of plastic that is circular, quick to apply and also hardwearing. Read More

With plug-and-play MetriBox immediately electricity insight

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MetriBox gives quick insights from your business energy usage

Do you want your business energy insights directly in a dashboard?

CimPro introduced a mobile measuring kit and an online portal for energy data.

From now, you will have insights in the the energy consumption of plant, machinery, buildings, or parts of it.  Read More

Biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags out of poop and pee

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Producing bioplastics from sewage bacteria is much cheaper than producing bioplastics from sugar!

Breaking news – Sewage purification company Delta has made bioplastic with bacteria from the sewage.

In a pilot project, researchers used bacteria that normally purify the wastewater in the sewer installation which you will find everywhere in the world. Read More

Cocoon paper container grows trees in the desert


The Cocoon gives the tree the peace and time to grow

The ‘Cocoon’, an initiative of the Country Life Company ensures that trees can grow in hot and dry areas. This green solution ensures reforestation is possible.

The biodegradable water tank Cocoon allows trees and plants to grow and thrive without irrigation. Because there is no pipe required, the technique seems to be more effective than other natural restoration methods. Read More

Aero-X, the Flying Hovercraft

Aero-X hovercraft

This Aero-X vehicle hovers above the ground. It is made for flying a few feet above terrain and can travel up to 45 m.p.h. (72 km/h).

Aero-X isn’t a dream. It is real.

A Los Angeles–based company, Aerofex, says it has developed a ‘tandem-duct’ aerial vehicle that hovers above the ground.

The hovercraft Aero-X, and its maker says it is made for flying a few feet above terrain and can travel up to 45 m.p.h. (72 km/h). Read More

LED will change your bill

LED, Emissions, CO2, Greenhouse gas, costs of ownership, ROI

The 5-star Manhattan Hotel in Rotterdam replaced 500 halogen lamps (on 14 corridors) by LED lamps. Investments: 40.000 euro’s (43,700 dollars). Pay back period 1.2 years

LED (Light Emitting Diode) – lighting is an excellent alternative for halogen, fluorescent, savings and high pressure lamps. Especially for businesses.

With high quality LED lamps, you will save a lot on your electricity bill and you are reducing CO2 emissions.

Let’s have a look. Read More

Biobased milk jug: 20% reduction CO2

circular economy, renewable carton, CO2 footprint, Milk, sustainable infra

Coating and cap will be made of certified polyethylene made from organic waste materials.

The big Dutch milk industry FrieslandCampina, introduced a new, bio-based beverage milk jug.

Within 1,5 year, this new jug, will be obtainable, starting with fresh milk and buttermilk.

This step can work as a flywheel for other industries, because the technology will be accessible to everyone.

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Cooking with pellets: emission minus 94%

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Do you want to start a smallholder pellet plant for the production of wood pellets? Cheap, clean energy and a clear CO2 footprint contribution.

With a combination of new and completely refurbished machinery, DMT International’s main objective is to deliver a sustainable footprint in the global animal feed and biomass industry.

DMT Int. has a legacy of over 30 years in the manufacturing, commissioning and erection such plants across the globe. Similar plants have been commissioned and erected in Africa and South East Asia as well as Europe. Read More

Bamboo stove minimizes CO2 footprint in Kenya

Bamboo, deforestation, Kenya, cook stove, health, economy, CO2, footprint, greenhouse gas, climate change

Bamboo is an ideal source of bio energy; it is a fast growing plant and can be harvested after 3 years thereafter up to 150 years.

Jatonet seeks to maximize the utilization of bamboo.

Therefore they developed a stove that uses Bamboo as fuel and has many advantages such as reducing CO2 by over 75 entering the atmosphere clean burning cooking stove. Read More

Is Olivine the solution against Climate Change and Ocean Acidification?

CO2, Climate Change, Olivine, Schuiling

Olaf Schuiling: ” Milled olivine is a sustainable solution reducing CO2 and save the Climate”

The world is desperately looking for safe and cost-effective solutions to counteract climate change by reducing the CO2 levels of the atmosphere.

Olaf Schuiling, professor Geo Engineering at the University Utrecht (Netherlands) proposes Olivine.

Olivine isn’t new. It is as old as the world, namely to use olivine or similar rocks not in a technology, but in the way it works in nature.

Does this professor has the solution for the increasing CO2 and the effects on Climate Change? Read More

Mars presents Bio-Wrapper

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Mars introduces a wrap based on potatoes. The bio-wrap needs to be tested and scaled up the next years.

Mars has presented a bio-based wrapper.

The wrapper is developed and produced with Rodenburg Biopolymers.

Mars has been anchoring environmental thinking in its ambition, says Environmental Coordinator at Mars Netherlands mr. Hein Mous.

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Efficient Generator uses -/- 90% Bio-Fuel

Bio Gas, green energy, Marshall Energy, Sustainable, Climate change, renewables

Thanks to a revolutionary technology, it is possible to reduce the emission of CO2 by more than 80%

This ‘Mobile Power Station’ generates with 10% Bio-Fuel the same amount of power comparing with traditional generators. When the generators are stapled (max 5) they produce 5 times the power with the same 10% Bio-Fuel input! 

This new technology is valuable, according to BetterWorldSolutions.

Let’s see the facts & figures Marshall Energy Global is showing.


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World’s First 3D Electronics Printer

3D print, electronics, recycling, reuse, re-use, sustainable, innovative

A print like this can keep circuits fully enclosed, and allows designers to lay out the circuits in three dimensions. “The shift in 3D printing is toward functional parts,” says Autodesk’s project lead Karl Willis. “To extend functional properties (mechanical, electrical, optical, etc.) you need advanced materials — and more often than not, multiple materials.”

Lewis, a pioneer in the development of conductive ink, has created a new conductive ink formulated to print via a 250 micron nozzle.

The ink includes highly conductive silver particles allowing it to carry currents required for small electric motors and other actuators.

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Interface won Enlightenmentz Social 2014

cradle to cradle, carpets from fishing nets

cradle to cradle, carpets from fishing nets

Interface has won the Enlightenmentz prize 2014 with it’s carpets tiles made of recycled fishing nets from the Fillippines.

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This Facede Stone Purifies The Air

sustainable infra, facade stones purify the air

The coating functions as a catalyst: it changes the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrate, which is washed away by rainwater, just as plants do in nature.

This new stone named “Clairplus”, breaks down 63 to 80% nitrous oxide (NOx and NO) from the air. This stone is one of the great, sustainable contributions to slow down global warming.

One square meter Clairplus purifies the air as much as a large tree does. 9 m2 reduces NOx as much as a normal car yearly emissions. Clairplus has a special coating of titanium dioxide. Read More

Mecalithe® in Concrete saves 1.5 billion tonnes of CO2

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Mecalithe® replaces cement and therefore can save 1.5 billion tonnes of CO2

Production of cement supplies 3.5 billion tons of CO2 worldwide. The production of cement is bad for our milieu. Therefore MGX Group developed Houton, concrete made with wood-dust and reinforced it with Mecalithe®. Read More

Beautiful Agriculture With Salty Water

Climate change, rising sea level, agriculture, salty water, saline agriculture

Salinization is reducing the world’s irrigated lands by 1 to 2 percent annually, according to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

Normally it is not possible: irrigate with salty water. But a farm in Netherlands has managed to grow healthy and tasty vegetables in soil irrigated with salt water. Watch the video.

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Upfall water saving shower system saves 90% water and gas

Climate change, water crisis, up fall water system saves water and electricity

90% of your water and 90% of electricity or gas is saved by the Upfall Shower

The Upfall shower stops your water and energy waste. Never feel guilty anymore about your long showers? This shower reuses the water every time you take a shower.

A patented invention of Dutch origin, the Upfall shower saves up to 90% water and 90% gas/electricity while providing a luxurious amount of water!

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Energizing surface cycle lane generates electricity

Sustainable infrastructure - solar power bikers lane generates electricity

This bikers lane with solar cells, generates green energy

Dutch cycle nation the Netherlands gets it’s first solar power generating bicycle path called ‘SolaRoad’. It’s the first Dutch road surface integrated with solar cells.

Bikers can use the lane, while the solar cells are generating green energy for lightning and extra electric power. Read More