Rivers of Fresh water using Desalination on Solar Power

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The heat is fed to a multi-effect distillation system that evaporates freshwater from the source water being treated and can handle varying quality up to 100,000 ppm TDS

Can this modular, solar-thermal water system deliver enough water for dry California? WaterFX says it does. Their Aqua4to treats and desalinates generates 65,000 gallons of freshwater per day, from:

  • wastewater
  • drainage water
  • runoff
  • saline groundwater
  • industrial process water

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Stop evaporation, start covering the water reservoirs

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A floating ball cover providing algae control and saving water by evaporation control

With the California drought; evaporation continues at an alarming rate while precipitation fails to fall, leaving above ground reservoirs dangerously low and groundwater reservoirs pumped dry, while California’s water demand remains insatiable.

What about the water that’s already there? What about the water that is destined to evaporate? Why don’t we cover the reservoirs? Read More

Costs of sea water desalination are going down

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With Memstill, it is possible to desalinate a cubic meter of drinking water for 0.50 Euro cents from seawater.

Less water is always the best option.

But in case of a shortage of fresh water, nowadays the preparation of drinking water from seawater is a great alternative.

And the costs of sea water desalination are going down.

Thermal desalination has been overtaken by reverse osmosis and that led to some major changes:

  • the proces is much cheaper
  • the energy consumption during the proces has decreased sharply

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Smart Water Monitoring Manages Every Drop

Hajo Heusinkveld, Mobile Water Management, Delft, The Netherlands

We are proving that our Mobile Water Management Platform is one of the easiest and most efficient ways for utilities to reduce water demand.

Now that the California drought is being called the worst in more than 1,200 years, policy makers and water companies need to learn the big picture of the flow of water.


Stop the shrinking pool of freshwater resources.

Start monitoring with one push on your smartphone. This tool saves you 90% costs of measuring and gives you the best advices for water management.  Read More

Designing sustainable infrastructure to meet the water demand of future generations

Climate change, adapting, water management, infrastructure, architecture

Adding in green infrastructure systems is not only good for managing water, but also good for communities.

Climate change, urbanization, population growth and higher water consumption per capita, the energy infrastructure and so much more. We do have big advantages and increasing problems in the world. 

But clean water supply is getting a bigger problem day by day.

To make urban area ‘future proof, engineers should collaborate with architects and city planners.

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Tips for your Solar Water Pumping Project

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Isn’t it a great thing, to get 25 years worth of power for irrigation, with just 3 years of money spent on diesel / gas powered water pumps?

Using Solar Power for irrigation is a very useful way to contribute to climate change.

Traditionally diesel generators have been utilized to provide pump water from a water source below ground

Isn’t it a great thing, to get 25 years worth of power for irrigation, with just 3 years of money spent on diesel / gas powered water pumps?

The burning of diesel has very devastating effects on our environment. Solar Water Pumping is the next great thing to happen to farming after tractors. Read More

Xylem Lowara pumps save up to 23% energy


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Xylem is committed to energy-efficient pumping solutions

Xylems new designed pumps deliver better performance and save up to 23% lower energy costs. 

The Lowara e-series, designed for sewerage networks, consists e-NSC highly efficient performance, end-suction pumps, e-LNE vertical in-line pumps and e-SH Stainless steel end-suction pumps.

The pumps of the E-series are provided with high-efficiency motors. Read More

Schools use cleaned rainwater for toilets

Schools harvest rainwater for their toilets

For buildings where a lot of water is used: like schools, sports centers, offices and public buildings, there is a huge advantage of harnessing and reusing the rainwater.

Preventing that rainwater is wasted, has becoming increasingly important. Climate change ensures it gets warmer, and we will frequently will be surprised by sharp downpours like the warm monsoons in Asia.

Aquaflow has designed a system that collects the rain water so that it can be reused as clean toilet flushing water. A school in the Netherlands has been reusing this ‘grey’ water since 2013 and is still very pleased with the clean toilet water. Moreover, the sustainable infrastructure approach of the school is an example for children and their parents. Read More

Your green world: contribute to this vessel cleans rivers and canals

plastic soup cleaning vessel

Contrary to the commonly-held belief that plastic takes 500 to 1,000 years to decomposes, researchers now report that the hard plastic polystyrene begins to break down in the ocean within one year, releasing potentially toxic bisphenol A (BPA) and other chemicals into the water…”

Entrepreneur De Waard started the Foundation SarasWater and now introduces a vessel that cleans rivers and canals from plastics. While snorkeling on vacation, he was astonished by the amount of plastics in the water.

The Foundation needs 20,000 euros to develop a prototype which can catch plastic particles to 2 millimeters to big parts. 

Link to the crowdfunding platform Read More

Boosting Capacitive Blue-Energy and Desalination Devices with Waste Heat

Energy from seawater

Red power plant Blue Energy

The energy output of blue engines can be increased by a factor of order 2 if warm (waste-heated) fresh water is mixed with cold sea water.

Moreover, the underlying physics can also be used to optimize the reverse process of capacitive desalination of water. Read More

Mobile Water Tracker involves citizens in (ground)water management


Water management, smartphone, measuring, app, groundwater, water quality, flood, drought

Water Level app involves people in water management

Mobile Water Management has new products on the market:

Using a smart phone, employees of water organizations, farmers and citizens can measure:

  • water levels
  • gate positions
  • groundwater levels
  • water quality strips
  • water meters
    simply by taking a picture of the water variable


Just one click and no paper work – it’s simple, efficient abd It saves up to 70% costs.

For example in the state of California, employees have to measure irrigation meters several times a year. Now the farmer can measure himselve. The picture data is directly sent to the database for analysis, control and invoices. And moreover, measuring by phone helps water managers to make the right decisions.

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Purifying industrial water without chemicals? It works!


carbon free, purifier, Axine wastewater solution, chemical

Axine industrial wastewater purifier without chemicals

Axine Water Technologies launched a chemical free, plug & play system to purify industrial wastewater. The system is low-cost, and purifies problematic industrial water. Read More

Biological purification technique with attached growth in a container

Innopack, fresh water, drinking water, sustainable solution for ships and campings

Perfect fresh water system in a container. The remarkable is that this installation, for the processing of waste water, has a much smaller footprint.

This biological purification of wastewater special for closed circles, is perfect.

This compact container can purify wastewater into fresh water at businesses, refugee camps, cruise ships, festivals and more.

The well-organized cooperation of bacteria in this system results in a higher treatment efficiency than for a standard activated sludge system. And the remaining compact sludge supplies bio gas.  Read More

Aquaflow rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting, green roofs, climate change, recollect, recycling, reuse

Is your community ‘climate proof’?

Does your city has shortage of water? And do you want to collect all the rainwater that comes in? Is your space precious?

Aquaflow® systems are collecting rainwater from roads, on rooftops of buildings and garages.

Your city is getting ‘Green’!

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Upfall water saving shower system saves 90% water and gas

Climate change, water crisis, up fall water system saves water and electricity

90% of your water and 90% of electricity or gas is saved by the Upfall Shower

The Upfall shower stops your water and energy waste. Never feel guilty anymore about your long showers? This shower reuses the water every time you take a shower.

A patented invention of Dutch origin, the Upfall shower saves up to 90% water and 90% gas/electricity while providing a luxurious amount of water!

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Sustainable solutions for reusing water

water purifier

Novoflow Fully Scalable Pilot Plant PNF-01

Solutions for sustainable water use, have become, without a doubt, a matter of global importance.

Due to the change in climate, it is necessary to take preventive measures to ensure, the availability of sufficient drinking water for our community.

Novoflow (Switzerland) offers an efficient and highly advanced water treatment technology using (nano)filtration units and is specialized in reusing water. For industrial water and domestic waste water. Read More

The Oceans CleanUp! Remarkable Project

The Oceans CleanUp! Remarkable Project

Plastic soup

I have to thank Torbjørn Johnsen, from Sweden, for sending me the information about this Oceans CleanUp concept; in response to one of my discussions. I thought this is an effort worthy of sharing this info, spread this around as much as possible, so I decided to post it as a discussion.

I think that, by sharing it, it will encourage readers to share their thoughts, offer their input, perhaps pass it on to others. That is the idea. Sea how a young guy want to clean the oceans.


VIDEO Oceans CleanUp concept

Boyan Slat about the Oceans CleanUp concept

The thought come to mind that “if a young man found the way, by designing a system to clean up the oceans, why can’t governments around the world can’t do the same, or even more? Projects such as this, are what I expect environmental protection agencies be doing. At least, I hope that they can provide support to it. You will find more information here.

I would love to see this project grow, supported by every country, because the ‘union rises the power.’

That is exactly what humans need to do: i.e. come together to ensure our planet’s sustainability; this is the only vessel within the universe we know, that can offer humans the exact, perfect settings for us to carry out moving our civilization forward…even we may discover life somewhere else, at another planet, we can’t never be sure it would suitable for us to survive in the very comfortable way we do here on earth.

Tanja Nolten, founder BetterWorldSolutions.eu




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MWM featuring: the real Hans Brinkers of the world: you, you & you!

Flood risk: Hansje Brinker (Netherlands) plugged with his finger a leak in a dike.

Flood risk: Hansje Brinker (Netherlands) plugged with his finger a leak in a dike.

A world-famous story about The Netherlands and water management is about a boy who plugged with his finger a leak in a dike. Indeed; Hans Brinker. Well, here is probably news for you: Hans Brinker never existed.

The story is folklore, especially for people outside The Netherlands.

Amongst themselves the Dutch don’t tell fairytales about water management, that serious is the subject for my fellow country(wo)men and me. One mistake and half of our nation is swallowed by sea and rivers. Knowing this, it wouldn’t surprise you that water management, for the Dutch, is something for professionals. Until… Read More

Smart Water Monitoring With Your Phone reduces costs to over 90%

Water management, smartphone, measuring, app, groundwater, water quality, flood, drought

Just press the button on your smart phone. The app sends the information to Delft for real-time management information. It allows for the reliable use of crowd sourcing which raises savings to over 90%

The use of Smart devices like phones and tablets has opened up a wide range of possibilities with regards to developing surface water quality monitoring.

Founder Peter-Jules van Overloop, professor of the Technical University Delft (The Netherlands) looked at early users of a new near real-time monitoring App that is connected with an advantaged monitoring system in Delft for instantaneous water monitoring.



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Clean Drinking Water Technology cleans over 5 million gallons a day


BLW-7D 3 channel industrial water purifier treats 225,000 gallons/day

BLW-7D 3 channel industrial water purifier treats 225,000 gallons/day

Dr. Will Hawkins jr. developed a great new clean water technology which makes fresh drinking water out of industrial water and raw sewage water.

We have bigger and better products now such as the AWR10000 which is capable of treating industrial water over 5 million gallons of water a day. We also have water filtration systems that are used by NASA. Please call or email me and let’s discuss business

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Fresh drinking water from the sea using solar

Solar cells can supply the heat energy to the ORC, which then produces mechanical energy to pressurise the water.

Solar cells can supply the heat energy to the Organic Rankine Cycle, which then produces mechanical energy to pressurise the water.

One of the main ways to obtain drinking water in hot, dry countries bordered to the sea is through desalination.

European researchers developed a high-efficiency and low-cost desalination technology by exploiting solar energy.

Solar desalination evaporation is used by nature to produce rain which is the main source of fresh water on earth. This new distillation system is a duplication on a small scale of this natural process.

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Warka towers pull drinking water out of condens

Warka Tower

The Warka Towers is pulling drinking water out of condens

Water, and more specific clean drinking water is an increasing problem in large parts of the world. Industrial designer Arturo Vittori says his WarkaWater tower can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day. A luxury!

At this moment 1,1 billion people has no access to any type of improved drinking source of water. Because of that, 160 million people are infected with schistosomiasis causing tens of thousands of death yearly. Mostly young children. 

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Ecos PowerCube generates electricity, purifies water and provides WiFi all over the World


Ecos PowerCube generates electricity, purifies water and provides WiFi all over the World

Ecos PowerCube generates electricity, purifies water and provides WiFi all over the World

Ecosphere Technologies designed a self-contained PowerCube to deliver solar power to off-grid areas, along with water purification facilities and WiFi base stations. 


The largest models can generate up to 15kW of power, Read More

Modi promises the river Ganges will be clean in five years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the sacred river would be clean in five years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the sacred river would be clean in five years

One of the first public gestures that India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi made on his election was a visit to Varanasi along the Ganges, India’s most famous and most threatened river.


As millions watched on television, Modi promised the sacred river ‘Mother Ganges’ would be clean in five years. Read More

Clean-up plastic soup in the oceans

Boyan Slat – Dutch student from Delft – presents his solution to the plastic soup: the millions of tons of waste plastic floating in the water and come together in five places in the ocean currents cunning.

Boyan Slat extracts 7,250.000 tons of plastic out of the oceans with this innovation

Boyan Slat extracts 7,250.000 tons of plastic out of the oceans with this innovation in 5 years.

Slat devised a receiving station with large floating arms that separates the plastic from living organisms and captures.

Thereafter, the waste can be recycled.

The station is a permanent place in the sea. The rotating flow pushes the plastic inside.

UNEP (the environmental organization of the United Nations) estimates the amount of plastic in the oceans at 44 million.

Each year the soup grows with 5 million tons of plastic.

The clean-up of Slat seems like a monumental undertaking. But Slat is not alone. More and more organizations are hard on small and large scale clean up the plastic waste. For example ‘The Plastic Whale‘ from Marius Smit who made a boat out of plastic bottles in Amsterdam.

Slat is developing technologies to preventable, intercept and extract oceanic plastic pollution.
Currently they are investigating the feasibility and viability of The Ocean Cleanup Array, as a passive and large-scale method of remediating world’s gyres.

The plastic soup consists large pieces of plastic, but also micro plastic.

Because it consists of a variety of sizes, it poses a threat to a large part of the animals that live in the sea.

The large pieces of plastic pose a threat because larger (mammalian) animal managed to get stuck and thus drown or suffocate.

Animals think the small pieces is food so it ends in their stomachs.

Facts & figures from UNAP

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