New storm water catchment concepts

Living Lab Rainshell water concept

Construction of the Rainshell concept and its filter bed of shells and minerals to retain and simultaneously clean the runoff water.

Last week, VP Delta opened a living lab facility for new storm water catchment concepts for a more smart way to handle storm water in cities.

As a result of the expected increase of extreme rainfall events, several Dutch SME-companies developed innovative concepts to handle extreme volumes of storm water and store in underneath hardened urban surface. Read More

Watch this Seasaw hotspot designed as sea defense

Seasaw flood defense

MVRDV wins competition for landmark public installation in Den Helder with ‘infinite loop’ design

This stunning Seasaw concrete sea defensewill rock back and forth with the tide along the Dutch seashore. MVRDV recently won a competition to design a unique permanent art installation for the scenic coastal Dutch city of Den Helder.
The design, which will rise on a historic dyke north of Amsterdam, is a curvilinear observation platform that twists into an infinite loop perched several feet over the sea.
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Arcadis strengthens Coastline Manhattan

Arcadis strengthens Coastline Manhattan

NY Sandy

Arcadis is in charge of actions to be taken to strengthen Manhattan’s coastline. Over four kilometers will be strengthened by building watercourses, dams and a better drainage system.

The Manhattan project is the first part of a coastal defense system. In order to win the project, Arcadis participated in the contest ‘Rebuild by design’. The contest was canceled after Hurricane Sandy, who caused tens of billions of dollars five years ago. Read More

FLOW 3D modeling for Marine, maritime and coastal experts

FLOW 3D modeling

FLOW 3D modeling

FLOW 3D webinar

For those of you interested in addressing complex coastal and marine applications using CFD, please feel free to check out this webinar on Marine, maritime and coastal applications using FLOW 3D. Read More

Meet the new urban waterfront

Eco Waterfront

ECOncrete® supplies a range of modular esthetic sea wall elements, which functionally integrate into coastal infrastructure.

Our waterfront needs to protect us from het rising sea level. Good news: The number of innovative options for restoring ecology along the urban waterfront seems to be increasing by the minute.

Since land in urban areas is often unavailable or difficult to restore to pre-settlement times, floating wetlands (FWs), an ecologically engineered technology, represent an effort to mimick the wetlands that existed long ago.

FWs hold the promise of returning ecological services like pollutant uptake and transformation, water quality improvement, wave attenuation, habitat, and aesthetic beautification.

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Reduce risks storming water

Flood, industry, risk management, climate change, stormwater, hurricanes

The US President has declared a federal disaster for the storms and floods that struck 8 counties of Iowa during late August 2016.

Storming Water costs lives and a lot of money. Last winter, more than 15,000 homes and businesses in just eight council areas in the USA were flooded, a survey has revealed.

In October, the US President has declared a federal disaster for storming water and floods that struck 8 countries during late August 2016

The research for the Local Government Association found that councils were still helping flood-hit homes recover.

Councils are encouraging people to check if they are at risk of flooding this year, to sign up to flood warnings and make sure their homes are prepared. Read More

Flood Risk: Question Is Where, Not When

flood risk

Flood risk maps like this one from NOAA, are not glamorous or technologically exciting things. They have done their work for many years and, provided that they are up to date, are an effective way of communicating a generalized level of risk.

Flood Risk: Both the nature of these storms and floods, and their impact on property owners are getting close attention, and that is welcome because it is changing the way people think about underwriting insurances.

So stop wondering when a serious flood will happen – it is way more important to understand where the damage will be when the flood occurs.

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Flexible Flood Barrier

flood barrier

This multi functional flood barrier offers the ability to change the height of the flood barrier.

This is a great low cost, green and rapid solution for a new river barrier. 

The UK suffered from floods in 2014. Neptune has an answer to it.

This barrier does not have to be knocked down and rebuilt. Its height can easily be increased on site responding to any unexpected increase in sea levels whenever they might occur. Read More

XBeach-G protects coasts

XBeach-G model helps to protect gravel coasts

XBeach-G model helps to protect gravel coasts like the Chesil Beach, as seen at Chesil Cove, Dorset (England)

XBeach-G model helps to protect gravel coasts in the United Kingdom against storms and rising sea levels. 

Gravel beaches are widely considered as an effective and sustainable form of coastal defense. Until now, there has been little research done, understanding the mechanisms leading to their failure during storms.

That’s why coastal managers have very limited guidance when estimating the potential for flooding on gravel coasts. Read More

Designing sustainable infrastructure to meet the water demand of future generations

Climate change, adapting, water management, infrastructure, architecture

Adding in green infrastructure systems is not only good for managing water, but also good for communities.

Climate change, urbanization, population growth and higher water consumption per capita, the energy infrastructure and so much more. We do have big advantages and increasing problems in the world. 

But clean water supply is getting a bigger problem day by day.

To make urban area ‘future proof, engineers should collaborate with architects and city planners.

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A protective dyke from 100% reused sediments

Belgium builds with nature

The dredged material is delivered to a pontoon equipped with screens and a set of piston pumps able to push the relatively dry sediment approximately 600 m to the mixing plant.

By preparing material from maintenance dredging with selected additives, a protective dyke was constructed from 100% reused sediments.

The 700-m long and 6-m high primary dyke will protect the village from the water that flows into the flood control area. 

The dredged material is delivered to a pontoon equipped with screens and a set of piston pumps able to push the relatively dry sediment approximately 600 m to the mixing plant. Read More

A 10 mile waterfront park will safe lower Manhattan


BIG Team/Rebuild By Design

BIG Team/Rebuild By Design

In future a ten mile waterfront park, designed by architectural team was the Bjarke Ingels Group, will protect lower Manhattan against floods.

After hurricane Sandy (2012), it was clear for New York City that the city needs some flood protections.

In 2014 the results of a contest with really innovative solutions was presented. The waterfront park was one of the winners.  



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Ecoblock sustainable dike protector

EcoBlock, sustainable coast, coastal protection, flood protection, The Netherlands

Create ecological dikes

Many dikes are covered with algae and plants at the waterline. This vegetation provides a natural balance in coastal areas.

They are perfect for shellfish and waterfowl. In these areas it is important to create ecological dikes. Read More

The new dike pillar from HillBlock

dike pillar, flood protection, coastal defense, the Netherlands

Because the pillars are standing next to another, they form channels over the whole surface of the dike

This new dike block is a concrete pillar that contributes to the strengthening of the sea dikes and the banks along rivers.

A dike that is reinforced with this dike pillars can – even if he is in direct contact with the sea – withstand the worst storms.
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Coastal erosion stopped by using geotextile bags filled with solid sediment

Reuse of dredged material is a win-win situation for erosion

Before and after: beach nourishment using dredged sediment from the deepening of the navigation channel in Poole Harbor(UK)

Dredging and disposal of sediment poses some unique challenges in the ecologically protected Poole Harbor (UK).

This multi-objective project provides a win-win solution: using dredged material beneficially solving a river bank erosion problem helping to restore 7,000m3 of reed-bed, a declining, nationally important habitat. 


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Natural coast protection Indonesia

Wood used for the restoration of mangrove forests in Indonesia

Building with Nature: wood is used for the restoration of mangrove forests in Indonesia

Residents in Indonesia build natural dams that will protect the coast against coastal erosions because of sea level rising. 

They drag prunings to build dams that will protect them against the sea.

Each dam is about 100 meters and increases the land with already 20 centimeters (almost 10 inches) of new coast.

The coastal protection is called ‘building with nature’ and initiated by EcoShape.

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Stop high floods with one push on the button! Up to 10 meters high quay wall

This Block-It wall protects up to 10 meters flood

This Block-It wall protects up to 10 meters flood

This Block-It wall comes up with one push on the button. The whole area behind is protected against high floods. This concrete wall is provided with an intelligent independent operating system.

Every knows the life expectancy of high tech concrete substance is more than 100 years! And … this wall is also suitable in areas with flood threats as ports and along coastlines.

Do you want 1 meter high? Fine. If the area needs 5 or even 10 meters high, that’s no problem. This wall is perfect for river sites in urban areas. And when it’s down: it’s fully integrated in the road.
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Hillblock protects dikes against flooding

Hillblocks prevent dikes against heavy storm

Hillblocks prevent dikes against heavy storm

This slope-lining concrete block produces significantly greater wave abatement and provides more stability with 30% less concrete than existing bank and shore protection.

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The Flood Solution: The Tube

Flexible Tube Barrier from 50 cm to 100 cm high

Flexible Tube Barrier from 50 cm to 100 cm high

When a flooding is imminent, well known methods used for protection are dated. Sand bags and systems that require water pumps, air compression, stones or other equipment to create a barrier, are a hassle and too time-consuming.

Take a look at the Tube Barrier. This one is fast, light weighted, flexible and easy to store! Take a look at the video.
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HydroGuard Flood Barrier for Houses and Buildings

Flood Barrier, hydroguard

The Hydroguard protects your house, office or large building against flooding

They started out at the 17th of September and as for today, the 30th, they have eighteen days to go at the UK crowdfunding platform Indiegogo: The HydroGuard, “the ultimate flood defence barrier” for private homes and bigger buildings.

So, just before the middle of their acquisition term at this rather popular platform, how are they doing? Let’s see –

  • How much do they need? 50 thousand British Pound (€ 64,330 or $ 81,065)
  • Collected up to today: £6,137 (€7,899 or $ 9,951)


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Balgstuw; it sounds Dutch, it’s cost effective Dutch and it protects in Dutch-style

Balgstuw; it sounds Dutch, it’s cost effective Dutch and it protects in Dutch-style

Balgstuw; it sounds Dutch, it’s cost effective Dutch and it protects in Dutch-style.
Only at really frightening rising water levels, the Balgstew comes in action.

Try to pronounce this in English: “Balgstuw”. Yes, it is Dutch, even more difficult than “Scheveningen” and it sounds something like ~bal-chchch-stew~ But what ís a Balgstuw?  Read More

Super Lego blocs stop floods

floods Bulgeria june 2014

floods Bulgeria june 2014

It’s flooding again in Central-Europe. Eastern-Bulgaria this time. Yesterday (June 18th) the normal monthly amount of rainwater fell in hardly 24 hours.

Last month it was at the other side of the Central European drainage divided Bosnia Herzegovina. In both cases there was too much rainfall for the local rivers to drain.

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Bolina Booms prevents against debris

bolina booms debris

Debris problems are solved by Bolina Booms

Bolina Booms (UK) protects a critical flood control structure from damage by debris.

Sometimes the water is travelling over 10 knots! now the deflection of debris into an area can be easy removed.  Read More