Hydroelectric river power

Hydroelectric river power

Once we get in there, put it in place and anchor it down, that’s it. When the water starts flowing in and turns the generator, we make electricity, and we’re able to put it in the distribution grid.

The potential for generating hydroelectric river power has been overlooked. At least until now. This cross-flow turbine from KWRiver can capture the power of the flow of water over the weir of a low-head dam. —A low-head dam is defined as one having an elevation difference of less than 15 feet.


The turbine can fit into dams with little or no structural modification needed. The system is even compatible in a ​river with a ​smooth flow of ​water with a ​current of 10 ​m³/s and a ​small ​inclination. ​ Read More

Beautiful Solar Highway Projects

Beautiful Solar Highway Projects

The Oregon Solar Highway Program seeks to further the use of solar energy in greening the nation’s grid, adding value to the existing public right of way, and supplying clean, renewable, home-grown energy to Oregonians.

In 2008, the Solar Highway Project in Oregon (USA) was one of the first eye catcher world wide. Right now, there are a lot of examples of PV along the highways that power grids. 

Because of the project’s high visibility, the team also took more extreme security measures than most projects need. A fence with razor wire and a motion detector surround the panels, protecting them from theft and graffiti. The 594-module, 104 kW project costed about $12.50 per W – about 50 percent higher than the average price for commercial projects installed that year in the state.

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Solar Mobile Generator

solar mobile generator

One hour setup time

This Mobile Generator for Solar Distributors Designed has been designed as a solar mobile generator system for places without power.

The system includes solar panels, a MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter, mobile air conditioned structure, and a system monitoring unit that can be accessed through your mobile phone. Read More

Best waste to energy technologies

SimGas BioGas Best waste to energy technologies

The SimGas “Shamba” comes in various volumes, from 2m³ up to 20m³

Which is the best waste to energy technology with maximum efficiency and less emissions?

That was our question on LinkedIn. These are the responses:
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Blockchain for Grid Balance

Blockchain for Grid Balance

In the future, private households will be capable of contributing to the stabilization of the power grid by enabling better integration of renewable energies.

TenneT and Sonnen are pioneering the networking of storage batteries with blockchain technology in order to stabilize the power grid.

Private households and owners of electric cars charged at these households, will be capable of contributing to the stabilization of the power grid by enabling better integration of renewable energies. Read More

MIT: ​solar-powered ​drip system

MIT: ​solar-powered ​drip system

pressure-​compensating ​drippers to ​operate at 0.1 ​bar — one-​tenth of the ​pressure of ​commercial ​systems

Engineers ​at MIT have ​found a way to ​cut the cost of ​solar-powered ​drip systems by ​half, by ​optimizing the ​drippers. ​

These new ​drippers can ​halve the ​pumping power ​required to ​irrigate, ​lowering energy ​bills for ​farmers.

The ​team modified ​the drippers’​ dimensions in ​a way that ​significantly ​reduces the ​pressure ​required to ​pump water ​through the ​entire system, ​while still ​delivering the ​same amount of ​water. ​

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Most innovative wind turbine designs

Most innovative wind turbine designs

The V-shaped turbine is modeled on the lines of conventional turbines, however, with a sting of advancing technology. The difference between the conventional windmills and aero-generator is that the later generates power through a rotating vertical shaft, while the horizontal shafts form an important part of the former.

Look at this beautiful wind turbine designs.

The increasing demand for green electricity is like food for designers. Conventional horizontal axis wind turbines come with their own set of issues ranging from spoiling the view of the landscape to causing birth deaths and health related problems for people living nearby.

Research is on to find alternative designs, which can answer all the issues, while still providing enough energy to power homes and industries. Here is a list of some of the most innovative designed wind turbines for the future. Read More

Micro Wind Turbine KITS

micro wind turbine

500W Micro Wind Generator

Want to build a Micro Wind Turbine yourself?

Look at this kits, start building and you will be able to generate enough energy to get off-grid.

A micro wind turbine is simply a small wind turbine that generates small amounts of electricity (usually under one kilowatt and sometimes as low as 50 watts) from wind energy.

Micro wind turbines contrast with the larger wind turbines that are used on wind farms to generate power on a commercial scale.

Micro wind turbines are often used on boats or other vehicles to power small appliances such as lights or a refrigeration unit.

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Black antenna absorbs all electromagnetic radiation

Black antenna absorbs all electromagnetic radiation

There is about a 300 000 volt (V) potential difference between the Earth’s surface and the electrosphere, which gives an average electric field strength of about 6 V/metre (m) throughout the atmosphere. Near the surface, the fine-weather electric field strength is about 100 V/m..” Average height of a man is 6 feet or 2 meters so 100 V/m x 2 meters = 200 Volts 6 feet off the ground.

A black electromagnetic energy receiving antenna absorbs all electromagnetic radiation and doesn’t reflect at all.

Pure clean energy with a simple antenna. Is that possible? It seems to be.

The Egyptians used it 2000 years ago. We did it when our TV was still for free. But we seem to have forgotten it. Read More

CSP will power Dubai

CSP will power Dubai

The Clean Energy Strategy 2050 plan consists of five main pillars that include Infrastructure, legislation, funding, building capacities and skills.

CSP – Concentrated Solar Power – will power Dubai. Finally.

The Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will allocate a 200-megawatt concentrated solar power project in June 2017.

Almost $17 billion will be invested to expand the current Solar Park. Read More

Chicago Buildings Switch to Renewables

Chicago is getting green

Leading in alternative energies supports the kind of sustainable economic development and cost savings for our homeowners and businesses that we need.” – Mayor Emanuel

More than 900 government buildings in Chicago will shift their electricity use to “100% renewable energy” by 2025 under an ambitious mayoral plan that contrasts sharply with President Donald Trump’s retreat on environmental issues.

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3 breakthroughs reduce our CO2 emissions

breakthroughs carbon footprint

Three scientific breakthroughs will enable us to quickly reduce these emissions according to venture investor Bill Joy.

It can not be missed: we have to combat our CO2 emissions to stop climate change.


We have some news: Three scientific breakthroughs will enable us to quickly reduce these emissions according to venture investor Bill Joy. A pre-publication – including an update of the companies he mentions. Read More

Synlight huge artificial Sun Power generator

Synlight artificial solar power

Synlight will be used to develop new alternative energy sources

Synlight is the largest collection of film projector spotlights ever assembled in one room, and scientists in Germany are turning them all on at once in the pursuit of efficient and renewable energy. 

  • 149 high-performance Xenon short-arc lamps simulate natural solar radiation
  • Independent of weather conditions, the simulator will bring faster progress to solar fuel manufacturing

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Glittering Silver Pipe Desalinates Water

Glittering Silver Pipe Desalinates Water

The Pipe artist location: Vancouver, Canada

This glittering silver Pipe desalinates 1.5 billion gallons of drinking water per year.

This beautiful tube is called “the Pipe” and composed of solar panels that provide 10,000 MWh of power each year to pump seawater through an electromagnetic filtration process. Read More

LO3 energy blockchain technology

LO3 energy blockchain technology

LO3 is involved in the Booklyn micro-grid project in New York, part of their reshaping the power vision project and in Germany.

LO3 is one of the successful StartUps building new business with blockchain technology.

LO3, based in New York, says the business models of utilities are being ‘shaking apart’ by the changes in technology and the arrival of the we-economy.  Read More

Port Amsterdam coal free

Port Amsterdam coal free

In the transition period, storage and transportation of fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene will grow. International cargo flows remain important als long as societies still can not fully rely on green alternatives.

Coal free in 2030. That is one of the ambitions of the Port of Amsterdam.

And the Port of Amsterdam has more ambitions: it aims to become the battery of the city by producing and storing more renewable energy and heat for the city.

The next five years, the port will transform to the center of cities heat and sustainable electricity.
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Promising 2D Perovskite photovoltaics

Promising 2D Perovskite photovoltaics

These results address a long-standing problem not just for the perovskite family, but relevant to a large group of materials

The 2D Perovskite Solar Cell exceeds expectations for solar cell efficiency.

A 2D, layered form of the crystalline material perovskite has become the focus of much excitement in the solar cell research field at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA).

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Blockchain technology for Microgrids

Blockchain technology

At its core, blockchain technology is a way to transfer any kind of data or information in a fast, tracked, and secure way without the need for an intermediary institution. Initially developed to allow peers to directly exchange digital currency faster and at lower cost, blockchain is now yielding a variety of promising new solutions beyond financial services.

The blockchain technology has attracted public interest as it provides an effective instrument to satisfy the needs of people to cooperate horizontally with each other in economic and social spheres like energy microgrids.

Blockchain technology is an innovative method of storing and validating data that permits direct transactions between energy producers and consumers.

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Gates invests $1 Billion in Breakthrough Energy Tech

Gates: We need an energy miracle

Gates: We need an energy miracle

Bill Gates is launching $1 billion fund, called Breakthrough Energy Ventures, to invest in new forms of clean energy. 

He said that there is an urgent need for “high risk” investments in breakthrough technologies for renewables.

In July 2016, Gates considered 2 billion.   Read More

What Shell knew about climate change in 1991

What Shell knew about climate change in 1991

In 1989, the organization changed the design of a drilling platform in order to take account of extreme weather and rising sea levels.

Shell produced a report on global warming called ‘Climate of Concern’ in 1986. In 1991 they made the video documentary for the public. It warned that trends in global temperatures raised serious risks of famines, floods and climate refugees.

But in the quarter century since, Shell has continued to invest heavily in fossil fuels. 

Already in the eighties, Shell understood that climate change would affect its own operations. In 1989, the organization changed the design of a drilling platform in order to take account of extreme weather and rising sea levels.

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Stanford: Cheap Battery with Urine

Stanford: Cheap Battery with Urine

Festivals encourage the donation of urine. It could be also used for batteries according to Standford University

Researchers at Stanford University have developed an inexpensive battery for renewable energy. This is done by making use of urea, a substance which is to be found in fertilizers and urine. Isn’t this great news? 

Standford University in a press release:

A new low-cost, high-performance battery could provide an inexpensive storage solution for solar power, which is abundant during the day but must be stored for use at night.

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ArcelorMittal converts CO2 into bio-ethanol


The CO2 recycling process should allow ArcelorMittal Belgium to produce 60 million liters of biofuel and reduce its carbon emissions. Annually!

ArcelorMittal, a major steel plant in Belgium, will capture CO2 and convert it into bio-ethanol.

Within two years, the new technology should be able to start.

The investment for the Steel Factory is about 80 million euro’s. Read More

Avantium buys Liquid Light

Avantium buys Liquid Light

It can reduce the CO2 footprint of consumer products

Avantium has bought the American company Liquid Light Inc.

Liquid Light has developed the process technology by which chemical building blocks can be produced from CO2. Read More

Japan is moving faster towards hydrogen

Japan is moving faster toward hydrogen

If you can prove something like a hydrogen society can work in a city like Tokyo, then it’s a matter of how do they scale it, how do the Japanese ensure that all the ancillary consequences have been addressed, and you only really do this by testing it out.

Japan is moving faster than expected toward an hydrogen energy future. Prime Minister Abe has become a vocal advocate for hydrogen – both to stimulate developments in technology and to help the resource-poor nation lower greenhouse gases. With Japan relying more on fossil fuels since the shuttering of most of its nuclear reactors after the Fukushima disaster almost six years ago, it’s a push that’s gained more urgency.

Toyota is at the forefront of Japan’s efforts to use hydrogen and fuel cells to power cars, heat homes and keep factories running. Other companies pursuing the technology include Panasonic Corp, Toshiba Corp and JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. Read More

Floating Power Plant

Floating power plant

The platform rotation is secured via the high wave absorption of 60-80% of the inherent energy in the waves.

This Floating Power Plant is targeting 
20GW, corresponding to €50bn potential revenue. The Power Plant is offshore proof and grid connected.

Denmark is convinced that this wind- and water energy plant is a significant step forward in world challenge to change into renewables. Read More