Eden Paradise switches to geothermal

Eden Paradise switches to geothermal

Green power for tropical center Eden and 4,000 households in the UK

The British Eden Project, a special greenhouse complex for nature and education, will have a geothermal power plant.

The plant will generate 4 megawatts green electricity and heat to the park and 4,000 households. Read More

A sack full of energy beneath your floor

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“We have developed a very efficient pump. Yearly, only 1.500 kilowatt hours is needed.” This will save over 16,000 kWh of electricity!

A bag full of water, situated in the crawl space of your house holds you warm for three weeks during the dark winter season. This is what we all want, isn’t it?

The advantages of the Solar Freezer:

  • No gas needed
  • Not depending on the sun
  • Low fixed costs
  • Easy installation
  • European product

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City heat grid uses waste heat from paper industry

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Heat Recovery In Industrial Refrigeration efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their utility infrastructure.

Heat recovering Industry system.

Paper factorySappi can not use the heat which is produced during the proces, itself.

Therefore the waste heat is sent to the power company and ‘recycled’ to produce heat and cold for homes and businesses in the city of Maastricht. Read More

Smart heat grid campus

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renewable geothermal heat source, which will supply between 40 and 50% of our heat requirements.

The Technical University of Delft want the campus to be energy neutral by 2020. Part of this metamorphosis involves a new smart heat grid.

TU Delft is converting the existing heating system into a smart heat grid that provides heat at various temperature levels from various conventional and renewable heat sources.

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Thermal energy storage saves 90% heat

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The first Ecovat Thermo Energy Storage Tank almost ready for use

The Dutch startup Ecovat is making the energy supply in the built environment sustainable, by creating a large thermal storage tank that is able to store high temperature heat (to around 90 degrees C) over a longer period (> 6 months) with a loss of energy in this period of less than 10%.

Dr. Ir. J van Berkel (TU/e) has confirmed this in a desk research. (Report “Ecovat Thermodynamics”, March 20th, 2014).  Read More

PV + Heat Pump cost-effective

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Solar heat combined with a heat pump payback period 5-6 years

Solar heating in combination with a ground source heat pump is cost-effective for the on-site heating of buildings according to the VTT technical research centre of Finland. (report)

Researchers explored the use of hybrid solutions to enhance the efficiency of heat and electricity production in buildings. Read More

Sewer heat power on the verge of a major breakthrough

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Hydrea pipe recovers heat in the sewer (ESCO)

Recover heat from the sewer. The technique is not new, but was hardly used in the Netherlands.

Now the efficiency of the technique increases, a breakthrough is coming.

With heat from sewers up to 50% of the total energy consumption of households can be recovered and it is a clean form of renewable energy.  Read More

Heat exchangers for the industry save 60% energy

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Depending on the chosen system, up to 60% of savings can be achieved: in general a payback of between 1 and 5 years.

In industry, lots of hot water is used for cleaning. Hot water of 60 to 80 ° C is very common. During the industrial process a lot of heat flows directly with the wastewater into the sewer.

What a waste of energy! With Regain heat exchangers, heat can be recovered from wastewater. Read More

Wastewater is valuable

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Valuable residuals are recovered from wastewater. Such as phosphorus and cellulose from wastewater and iron and calcium carbonate residuals from drinking water.

In several regions in Europe, waste water is recycled with renewable energy as a result.

Also valuable residuals are recovered, such as phosphorus and cellulose from wastewater and iron and calcium carbonate residuals from drinking water. 

This is done by using innovative concepts for (alternative) water supply, wastewater treatment and recovery of resources.  Read More

Rotterdam recycles industrial waste heat

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In the Rotterdam region, greenhouses burn together about 28 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas. That’s approximately 885 million cubic feet of natural gas per year.

Until a few years ago, all the waste heat from the petro-chemical industry in Rotterdam got lost in the river. Sin!

Since 2015 Rotterdam made a sustainable infrastructure that connects the hot effluent to the city heating system. A benefit for hundreds of thousands of houses in Rotterdam. Read More

Boosting Capacitive Blue-Energy and Desalination Devices with Waste Heat

Energy from seawater

Red power plant Blue Energy

The energy output of blue engines can be increased by a factor of order 2 if warm (waste-heated) fresh water is mixed with cold sea water.

Moreover, the underlying physics can also be used to optimize the reverse process of capacitive desalination of water. Read More