Chaotic situations because of storm in Japan

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Catastrophe in Japan because of floods

In Japan, floods have caused devastations. Torrential rains are associated with former Tropical Storm Etau shifted north after dumping unprecedented rainfall on parts of eastern Japan, last Wednesday and Thursday.

More than a hundred thousand people had to flee because of the high water, which sometimes even carried houses along.

25 missing persons

Last Thursday, extreme rainfall caused flooding in parts of the country. A 63-year-old woman was killed when a landslide hit her house. Another woman died when the water dragged her car. More than 85,000 people were under evacuation orders Friday morning, and another 700,000 people have been advised to voluntarily evacuate to safer locations due to concerns about flooding and landslides.

The amount of deaths may rise further. 27 people were injured and 25 people are still missing. About 880 people are still awaiting rescue from flooded areas near the levee break. The government has deployed tens of thousands of rescue workers and helicopters to rescue people from buildings in flooded areas.


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