China launches 200MW solar plant

China launches 200MW solar plantSince January 11, 2017, a giant solar plant supplies China with green energy.

China ’s largest photovoltaic power station built on a fish farm covers an area of 300 hectares, with a total installed capacity of 200MW.

Its average annual production capacity is expected to reach 220 million kilowatt-hours.

The new mode of power generation features PV panels installed above the pond, which serve to provide shade and facilitate fish farming under the water. The power generated by the station will be connected to the state grid, yielding an annual income of 260 million RMB. In addition, another 13 million will be earned through the fishery. The station can meet the power demand of 100,000 households, potentially replacing 7.4 tons of coal.

Bloomberg: ‘China plans to more than triple solar power capacity by 2020 to as much as 143 gigawatts to help reduce carbon emissions’

China goes green

At the moment, China is building seven plants and again zeven in the near future. China’s National Energy Administration did proposals for a green future including 3 objectives:

  1. for PV
  2. for CSP
  3. and for solar thermal

4 big plants

Four big plants will be realized gradually from 2018-2020, using the experiences of demonstration projects. The proposition is to build 4 big plants with 1,000 MW in Qinghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Combining other forms of energy, these plants will increase to 100 MW capacity.

This is China’s innovation, environmentally friendly, sustainable and ecologically complimentary and productive project; providing food chain sources, electricity, jobs in land scare city in China. There should be more encouragement to electric buses, cars and trucks.

A great example of combining innovation with ecological systems. More countries need to follow this example. The estimates of recuperation in only 7.5 years is adequate. Hopefully maintenance will not be too high.


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