Circular Infrastructure

circular infrastructure

building with nature. not just for kids

A circular infrastructure involves all kind of CO2 and Water friendly technologies. If we want to stop global warming, we have to invest in our build environment. Realize future sustainable cities.

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More circular infrastructure

Global warming, CO2 and melting icecaps are reasons for citizens to turn their lights off, responsible water use and taking a bike instead of the car.

There are regions were people do more. Let’s have a look at great sustainable initiatives.

Circular infrastructure

Hikers of all ages enjoy exploring Forest Park in Portland

Trees reflect more solar energy into the atmosphere. Trees also help absorb CO2 from the air and decreasing air pollution. But there is more: children, adults and their pets, love green cities and urban forests. It makes them feel more connected to nature and feel more conscious to sustainable behavior themselves.

Circular infrastructure

Gondola lift with Rio De Janeiro below

  • Gondolas as aerial tramway
    Medellin, Caracas, Rio and La Paz

Some cities have trouble to implement buses or subways because of steep landscape, narrow streets, and congested roadways.

Cities like Medellin, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro and La Paz have a solution by using cable-car systems or ‘Gondolas’ as public transportation.

Gondolas run on electricity, make a minimum amount of noise, and reduce traffic congestion.

Circular Infrastructure

Abu Ahmed in Gaza uses his roof to grow tomatoes, parsley, red cabbage and onions. All of which feed his family and create a lush green space

Green Roofs and urban farming are becoming more widespread.

Green roofs isolate and the vegetation filters out particulates, nitrogen, oxides and soot from the air and take up CO2 from the atmosphere.

Using green roofs as gardens and farms helps provide the city’s population with slow food.

Many cities and buildings could benefit from incorporating a green roof into their infrastructure!

  • Circular infrastructure

    This bikers lane with solar cells, generates green energy

    Solar Roadways and Green Pavement
    Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Berkeley
    The Dutch cycle nation has it’s first solar bike path, SolaRoad.

    Rows of crystalline silicon solar cells are embedded in concrete and then covered with translucent tempered glass.

    Thousand miles of paths and roads can be transformed to renewable energy power roads.

    Solar Roadways could replace a large percentage of asphalt, decreasing carbon emissions and increasing our renewable energy.

  • Circular infrastructure

    Pilot Smart Highway with Glowing Lines live

    Also in the Netherlands: Smart Highways and a beautiful Vincent van Gogh Path are coated with a special paint that uses energy gathered during the day to glow after dark.

  • Circular infrastructure

    The Berkeley parking lot provides an opportunity to feature cool pavement coating

    And this is so logical: Researchers of Berkeley studied ‘cool pavement‘ asphalt technologies.

    Like cool roofs, cool pavements reflect as much as 30 to 50 percent of the sun’s energy, compared to only 5 percent for new asphalt (and 10 to 20 percent for aged asphalt).

    Cool pavements will be available in different hues, including green, blue and yellow, and their solar reflectance value depends on both color and material.

  • Circular Infrastructure

    The new bridge in Barcelona ‘eats’ CO2

    Barcelona smog-eating bridge
    The Sarajevo bridge in Barcelona is getting a green makeover. The Spanish architect BCQ redesigned the bridge.
    The bridge will have a renovation turn with photocatalytic concrete, which purifies the air.

    Smog will stick to the concrete and be degraded by photocatalysis. The rain will wash the waste. Not only the air around the bridge will remain more pure, the bridge itself remains cleaner. Read more


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