The constructions sector is one of the major sectors in which carbon emission reduction will be possible. It’s not even such a big challenge, regarding the innovations in biobased construction materials and sustainable concrete. With BWConstructions we connect international data and networks and give a green stage for products, projects and businesses who pave the road for a green building transition. BWConstructions aims to grow to the International Green Building HUB.


  1. Wayne Dyer says:

    When you change, the way you look at things
    the things, you look also at changes
    Wayne Dyer

  2. Eric Hawkins says:

    I have converted a Phillips street lantern casing given to me by a UK council who planned to send 16,000 old lanterns to the scrap merchants, many were less than 3 yrs old, which I have pre purchased.

    The conversion to except a 36 watt CORN, COB screw in bulb also can be serviced is to revert the current trend where councils are being sold all in one throw away street/road lanterns with HPS screw in bulbs.

    A great long term profitable business for the manufactures who in 10-12 yrs time replaced the complete lentern again, instead of just supplying a light bulb.

    Our conversions are both sustainable and reduces wattage from 70 to 36 watts delivering around 5,000 lumens. Also 50% less carbon for a cost 50% less than the throw away LED street/road lanterns costing millions to local tax payers indirectly. If you have a council with no money, talk to me, as my UK partners will finance 100% of the change over and the electricity supply at the same price paid today.

  3. Gary McNeish says:

    Low cost housing is a priority globally. Low cost should not mean low quality. By using waste reduces cost along with a simple design offers the poorest communities an opportunity to improve their living conditions:

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