BWConstructions is under sustainable construction. BWConstructions will become the international platform connecting regional and national networks. Focus will be on CO2-reductions and circularity of construction materials. It’s foundations will be ready for build up after our meeting March 16 in the Netherlands.

For additional information please contact Boudewijn Piscaert,


  1. Wayne Dyer says:

    When you change, the way you look at things
    the things, you look also at changes
    Wayne Dyer

  2. Eric Hawkins says:

    I have converted a Phillips street lantern casing given to me by a UK council who planned to send 16,000 old lanterns to the scrap merchants, many were less than 3 yrs old, which I have pre purchased.

    The conversion to except a 36 watt CORN, COB screw in bulb also can be serviced is to revert the current trend where councils are being sold all in one throw away street/road lanterns with HPS screw in bulbs.

    A great long term profitable business for the manufactures who in 10-12 yrs time replaced the complete lentern again, instead of just supplying a light bulb.

    Our conversions are both sustainable and reduces wattage from 70 to 36 watts delivering around 5,000 lumens. Also 50% less carbon for a cost 50% less than the throw away LED street/road lanterns costing millions to local tax payers indirectly. If you have a council with no money, talk to me, as my UK partners will finance 100% of the change over and the electricity supply at the same price paid today.

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