City bus on formic acid

Bus runs on Formic Acid

Formic Acid is produced by using electricity. Wind farms or solar panels supply the power that is needed for the production of Formic Acid, thus it is completely carbon neutral.

It is coming: A city bus which is fueled by formic acid. 

VDL and the Team Fast – a student team at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU / e) are developing the world’s first city bus that runs on formic acid. The bus is already operational. 


It’s a VDL Citea Electric with a length of 12 meters. The modular construction of the Citea range allows you to choose from a variety of electric drives, battery packs and charging systems, which can be assembled to the most ideal and optimal combination for each area of operation.

This also facilitates the necessary adjustments for driving on this circular fuel. Without affecting the accessibility, interior decor and comfort.

Formic Acid is green

Formic acid is a chemical which also occurs in nature. The chemical substance can be used for various applications. Researchers at University Eindhoven have discovered a way to transform hydrogen quickly and efficiently into the liquid and vice versa.

Bus without emissions

The fuel can be used as liquid fuels are stored and transported easily. Existing energy service stations can still be used, because a bus running on formic acid, does not require charging.

Instead, you just have to fill up the bus with formic acid, like diesel refueling. The advantages are:

  • no emission
  • no harmful gases
  • a much greater range than what is common in alternative engines
  • the fuel is produced by using electricity. Wind farms or solar panels supply the power that is needed for the production, thus it is completely carbon neutral.

In January 2016 University presented already a model car that runs on the green fuel.

Let’s watch the video


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