City heat grid uses waste heat from paper industry

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Heat Recovery In Industrial Refrigeration efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their utility infrastructure.

Heat recovering Industry system.

Paper factorySappi can not use the heat which is produced during the proces, itself.

Therefore the waste heat is sent to the power company and ‘recycled’ to produce heat and cold for homes and businesses in the city of Maastricht.

Applied technology

The waste heat is catched by using an additional heat exchanger into the chimney. It’s up to 5 MW of about 90 ° C. This heat is supplied back to the local power plant.

  • Two boilers of 5MW, are supplying heat to the district heating during energy peaks
  • A water buffer of 440 m3 is used to compensate and to maximize the use varying residual heat demand and supply
  • In the same plant, two absorption chillers made of every 1.25 MW are functioning as a backup (used when the heat of the paper factory is interrupted)


  • 5.1 MW of heat and 2.3 MW cold is connected to the grid
  • 22.9 TJ of heat has been delivered to utilites and houses
  • 80 percent of the waste heat has been reused
  • 8.7 TJ cold was delivered to utilities and houses.
    In order to produce this cold, the absorption chillers have used13.0 TJ heat (95 percent is derived from waste heat)
  • The gas expansion system used12.0 TJ heat. This installation thus generates 2 million kWh of renewable electricity.


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