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Cityblob Architecture

Capital A is the new landmark building for Amaravati, the new capital city of Telangana, India

Cityblob Architecture is leading in circular, sustainable architecture and Urban Planning for Smart City Development

Cityblob is an Amsterdam-based architecture, urban planning and real estate development company that focusses on the following project types:

  1. Infrastructure
    Railways, underground stations, bridges and more
  2. Sustainable and Affordable Mass Housing and big Green Buildings
  3. Sustainable and Affordable Mass Housing

CityBlob explained

  1. Railway and underground stations and their surrounding areas. A recently realized project is a high-tech sport, retail and leisure development that is part of the new Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena railway and underground station. The project is nationally and internationally often referred to as good example of integral urban infrastructure design.
  2. Housing for All. Under the name SAMH (Sustainable and Affordable Mass Housing) Cityblob is currently working with Indian partners on the development of sustainable and affordable serial housing in India. The project has translated the renowned Dutch social housing design tradition to an Indian setting in order to create decent, affordable and sustainable living spaces for all.
  3. Sustainable and Affordable Mass Housing. Together with the 2030 Water Resources Group (IFC/Worldbank) Gert Jan Scholte is currently developing an Integral Urban WaterPlanning and Design approach for the Hindon River and it’s catchment area. The approach synchronises both urban and water planning and design into one overall strategy.

Moreover the Cityblob project team initiates and implements creative and innovative bio-based pilot projects in close cooperation with its partners. Organizations that the Cityblob project team works closely together with include the following companies and government and knowledge institutions: Waternet, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Free-D Geometries and Unesco-IHE.

Cityblob also carries out research and engages in advisory processes for third parties. Over the years, the Cityblob project team has garnered a wealth of information on low carbon constructions and other building issues.



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