Clean-up plastic soup in the oceans

Boyan Slat – Dutch student from Delft – presents his solution to the plastic soup: the millions of tons of waste plastic floating in the water and come together in five places in the ocean currents cunning.

Boyan Slat extracts 7,250.000 tons of plastic out of the oceans with this innovation

Boyan Slat extracts 7,250.000 tons of plastic out of the oceans with this innovation in 5 years.

Slat devised a receiving station with large floating arms that separates the plastic from living organisms and captures.

Thereafter, the waste can be recycled.

The station is a permanent place in the sea. The rotating flow pushes the plastic inside.

UNEP (the environmental organization of the United Nations) estimates the amount of plastic in the oceans at 44 million.

Each year the soup grows with 5 million tons of plastic.

The clean-up of Slat seems like a monumental undertaking. But Slat is not alone. More and more organizations are hard on small and large scale clean up the plastic waste. For example ‘The Plastic Whale‘ from Marius Smit who made a boat out of plastic bottles in Amsterdam.

Slat is developing technologies to preventable, intercept and extract oceanic plastic pollution.
Currently they are investigating the feasibility and viability of The Ocean Cleanup Array, as a passive and large-scale method of remediating world’s gyres.

The plastic soup consists large pieces of plastic, but also micro plastic.

Because it consists of a variety of sizes, it poses a threat to a large part of the animals that live in the sea.

The large pieces of plastic pose a threat because larger (mammalian) animal managed to get stuck and thus drown or suffocate.

Animals think the small pieces is food so it ends in their stomachs.

Facts & figures from UNAP

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