Clean water stress Malaysia because it leaks

More than 4.27 billion liters of clean water get lost in Malaysia every day because of aging pipes. This hughes leaks cause water stress of a shortage. Experts warn that more will be wasted unless drastic measures are taken.

Malaysian clean water stress

Malaysian clean water stress

Malaysian Water Association (MWA) president Syed Mohamad Adnan Alhabshi said more than RM20bil had to be spent to replace the country’s 43,890km-long asbestos-cement pipes to fix the problems.



“You need to spend RM500,000 to change 1km of these pipes,” he said, adding that state governments did not have the money.

Extra: More measuring is needed. Measures included mapping pipe networks, setting up district metering zones and a constant pressure management and maintenance of the system to avoid problems in the future when the infrastructure is fixed.


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