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Berkeley Earth has just released analysis of land-surface temperature records going back 250 years, about 100 years further than previous studies. The analysis shows that the rise in average world land temperature globe is approximately 1.5 degrees C in the past 250 years, and about 0.9 degrees in the past 50 years.

With 195 participating countries and 3000 journalists we can expect a lot of news from Paris during the next days.

In advance, a summary of the top in figures.

195 + 1

195 countries and the European Union take part in the climate negotiations


Before this climate summit, 184 nations published their Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) needed to include their contribution to the fight against climate change


The countries that submitted their climate promises, are responsible for about 95 percent of global CO2 emissions.


About 150 world leaders will be at the opening of the climate summit.


In Paris, an estimated 40 000 delegates will be together.


7000 observers are expected


and 3,000 journalists



To monitor all these people and ensure safety in Paris, more than 11,000 police officers will protect the summit.


6300 agents secure the area and the 150 government leaders.


Throughout France 120,000 officers and soldiers are working on the security during the climate conference.

The place


The conference center is 18 hectares


and there are no fewer than 32 negotiating rooms


Because there are so many government leaders, there are two parallel rooms for speeches.

The time


Each government leader will have three minutes for the opening remark.

12 (up to 14)

12 days are allocated to reach agreements. Friday, December 11th, the summit will be ended. But spout is possible (and expected) Sunday December 13th.

Global Heat


The goal: maximum 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore we have to agree on major reductions of Greenhouse Gas emissions


If all countries stick to their promised climate goals, global warming will rise up to 2.7 degrees Celsius.


Recently, global warmth reached plus 1 degree Celsius.


If nothing is done, in 2100, the world will be 4.8 degrees warmer


If we can’t agree on a maximum of 2 degrees, 48 countries are in danger. Within a few centuries, cities like Shanghai, Mumbai and Hong Kong will disappear under water.


According to 2,000 scientist in an open letter, the maximum global warming should be 1.5 degrees


100 billion

Starting in 2020, $ 100 billion is needed to help poorer countries to adapt to climate change. The rich countries have to raise this money.

Bet Europe 


The European Union, is committed to reduce 40 percent CO2 by 2030.


By 2030, the EU will run for 27% on renewable energy

Reduction last year


Last year, greenhouse gas emissions fell by 5.4 percent in the last year


Last years emissions increased by 0,9 percent in the US and China


And India increase by 7.8 percent! last year


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