Climate Summit New York: ambitious goals and initiatives


Climate summit New York 2014 – 150 countries agreed to halve deforestation by 2020 and stop it completely in 2030

“The time for talking about climate change is over. Now it’s time for action.” That said UN chief Ban Ki-moon Tuesday in the UN building in New York at the start of a summit on the impact of climate change. And it worked.

World leaders on Tuesday urged ambitious action to combat climate change, but pledges remained well short of goals, with a year to go for an accord. 

  • France promised US$1 billion (S$1.27 billion) to the Green Climate Fund – making it the only contributor other than Germany to the new institution that would help the worst-hit countries.
  • the European Union announced that it at least will emit 40 percent less CO2 by 2040 
  • 73 countries agreed that it will introduce CO2 tax 
  • surprising was that 150 countries agreed to halve deforestation by 2020 and stop altogether in 2030
    they also will re-forest millions of hectares!

  • companies announced numerous initiatives for sustainable production 
  • financial institutions promised to invest in renewable energy instead of fossil fuels 
  • and China announced that it will have reduced its CO2 emissions by 2020 by 45 percent

All the UN calculated by promises together worth $ 200 billion


It is the first time that China, with 28 percent of global CO2 emissions a bigger polluter than the United States and Europe together – calls a specific target. China’s announcement may be a modest breakthrough. Not so much because of the reduced emissions by itself, but by the impulse that the intention is for the development of cleaner technologies and green energy.

It is notable that many results are dubious

China wants ‘developing countries’ like China itself, to continue to emit more. The United States, the second largest polluter, doen’t want to go along with the carbon pricing agreement. And Brazil, the country with the most rainforest in the world, remains outside of the deforestation deal.

Climate requires by 2020 an estimated 100 billion annually! The upcoming climate summit in November 2015. The meeting is an initiative of Ban Ki-moon. He hopes the approximately 120 government leaders and other politicians who participate in the meeting, make so many claims that a comprehensive agreement should be concluded in order to reduce emissions. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in Paris late next year It is the first time since the failed summit in Copenhagen in 2009 that so many political leaders address climate change.



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