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aquasphaeraAquaSphæra is capable of replicating this natural process by condensing moisture in the air and. As a result, clean drinking water is available.

With a view to saving energy ‘Ways SRL’, has placed its attention in particular to the water sector by proposing the use of machinery and products capable of producing drinking water from the atmosphere and saving of water resources during the irrigation activities.

AquaSphæra fresh water tech

Replicating the natural water hydrological cycle (water evaporation and subsequent re-condensation) and simulating the dew produces water point. The generated water is filtered through active carbon filters, reverse osmosis and finally re-mineralized by means of a filter containing minerals. Three ultraviolet lamps then contribute to minimize the bacterial load. The delivered water is so in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 31 dated February 2, 2001, both microbiological and chemical level.