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MBI is able to use 30% less cement in concrete stones. This means a CO2 reduction up to 35%!

Production of cement supplies 3.5 billion tons of CO2 worldwide. The production of cement is bad for our milieu. Therefore ‘the Steenmeesters’ developed concrete made with wood-dust and reinforced it with Mecalithe®.


The admixture for concrete Mecalithe® is intended for the (prefab) concrete industry. This additive can be used as a hardening accelerator and makes it possible to considerably increase the final strength by about 30%.

Thanks to Mecalithe, concrete can be made with 30 to 40% less cement, a savings of 1.5 billion tonnes of CO2 (when 100% cement is used).

What’s the secret?

Cement has hardly any fibers and therefore a tensile strength of nothing. Because of that steel must be used to reinforce the concreet.

Mecalithe forms tiny needles in the concrete. Now concrete strenghtens itself. This process is fast, concrete can be lifted quicker out of its formwork.


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