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MLTW green architects was established in Berkeley, California in 1962 by Charles Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, Richard Whitaker, and William Turnbull.

Moore, Lyndon, and Turnbull had met at Princeton University, where they each studied architecture before joining the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley. There, they met Richard Whitaker, a fellow Californian whom they persuaded to join them in starting a design firm dedicated to creating meaningful relationships between buildings and their settings.


MLTW continued the legacy of William Wurster, a Bay Area architect who put a more humble, livable twist on the grand pursuits of postwar Modernism. MLTW first gained prominence in 1964 with the design of the Sea Ranch Condominium, located on the California coast one hundred miles north of San Francisco. The firm proposed clustering condominiums in this area to keep the rest of the five-thousand acre site free of large-scale development.

Moore and Turnbull spun off in 1970 to start their own firms; Lyndon left to pursue a career in writing and teaching.

Project – Sea Ranch Condominium

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MLTW (Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull, and Whitaker)
Charles Willard Moore
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