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Natrufied architecture

The chimney principle is copied from ants and termites, which ingeniously craft corridors that regulate the temperature without active ventilation.

After 15 years of intense collaboration within their office 24H-architecure, Maartje Lammers and Boris Zeisser decided to each continue with their own office.

24H has been responsible for various special projects like the Dragspelhuset in Sweden, the Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand, housing Hart van Hatert, Nijmegen, Marecollege in Leiden and recently the Environmental Center in Assen, all in the Netherlands.

Natrufied architecture

Boris Zeisser continued his architectural work within his new office Natrufied-architecture, a fusion of the words Nature and Petrified. These words reflect the ambition to make a petrified interpretation of Nature into architecture. Based on natural shapes and materials, Boris would like to work on sustainable designs.

Inspired by nature

Working with ingredients from nature, the theme of Art d’eco has been developed as one of the main design philosophies of the office. With this the ambition is to support the environment as well as to create beauty: this makes the art of ecology.

All our designs are inspired by Nature:

  • embedding the program into the surrounding environment
  • biomimicry design approach
  • use of natural materials
  • natural shapes or more abstract representation of natural patterns
  • parametric structures
  • biotic material approach

Integrating high tech and low tech sustainability into our designs is a natural part of our design work.

Natrufied Architecture designs projects in the Netherlands and abroad. With a team of international architects and designers, we are working on a broad portfolio in the areas of Live, Work, Relax, Heal and Reflect.


Boris Zeisser, Architect and Director at Natrufied-architecture
Rotterdam, the Netherland

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