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Precious PlasticWith the Precious Plastic tools, you can start your own little plastic recycling workshop. 

This allows people, anywhere in the world, to transform plastic waste into valuable things.

The world is submerged with plastic, from the heights of Himalayas to the depths of the Atlantic ocean we have tons of toxic plastic laying around.

Whether we like it or not, plastic is our inherited toxic legacy. Let’s use it as a resource to create new value and social innovation.

Join the revolution. Start building!

  1. Develop Machines
    For the past two years we have been developing machines to recycle plastic waste, locally
  2. Share, it’s free
    The machines are developed using basic tools and materials. We share all the blueprints open source online. This way people around the world can build them.
  3. Spread the know how
    In order to build these machines people need to know that the blueprints are available. We need to spread the know-how to every corner of the world
  4. Create
    Once the machines are built people can start experimenting, creating and producing new products from their local plastic waste
  5. Clean up
    The primary goal is to recycle as much plastic as we possibly can. This would clean up our shared environment, improve living conditions and possibly create financial value!
  6. Community
    An important aspect of the project is to create a world wide community of like-minded plastic savers. People working for a cleaner future, sharing knowledge, helping each other, and collaborating.

Precious isn’t it?

This can be made of the recycled plastic

You can make a number of different products with each machine.

  • Lamps, jars, bowls, vases, baskets, and the list goes on. Your creativity is the limit!
  • You could create tools for you or your community. Making buckets, boxes, handlebars, thread, bricks, and much, much more!
  • The plastic could also be transformed into granulate or filament for 3d printing machines, closing the loop.