Company page WHIM Architecture

whim ArchitectureWHIM Architecture  produces a modern, whimsical, sculptural architecture within its wider context.

WHIM architecture (originally named as Bateman Architecture) is an international architecture firm, set up in Rotterdam (NL) by Ramon Knoester in 2004.The work is a combination of design and research.


Dimensioning and relations between programmatic elements is essential to the practice. Each building design results in a unique sculpture; a carefully studied form generated by these interrelations. Further, in realizing the built form, these conceptual elements are fully refined into the detail.


Where society changes, architecture should adapt. Much time is invested in researching this manifesto on how society changes and on how to react on it by architecture. And also, on the way in which this adapting architecture can feedback into the society that created it.

WHIM architecture is a collaborative practice working together with engineering and construction offices, with financial experts and with foreign architects to achieve the best quality in our buildings as in our research.


  • Honourable mention New Aging Award
    International competition, University of Pennsylvania, USA, 2010
  • Second prize

    International competition, Parachute Pavilion, Coney Island, New York, USA, 2005


  • Second prize
    Open competition, Domodossola, Italy, 2006
  • First prize
    International competition, FAR 8, Shanghai, China, 2005