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BoxBarrier® – Water versus Water

Smart, simple, stable and multi functional. That's the BoxBarrier. When emergency flood systems are required, when the level of the primary flood defense system is not adequate or at locations without flood defense system you built in no time a water barrier. Speed: 100m/hour with 3 persons.

Flood Barrier for dikes, levees and urban areas

The origin of floods can be either overflow of rivers and canals due to extensive rain fall or melting snow water in particular areas. Normally rivers and canals are embedded with shores, quays or dikes, which prevent overflow. In case of high river discharges due to the melting of snow or rainfall the height of the dike or shore is not sufficient and temporary heightening of dike/shore is required to prevent flooding of the hinterland. Especially in urban areas heavy rainfall can lead to flooding, because large areas are paved and the drainage system cannot handle all the access water. Terraced houses, shops and other businesses can be protected easily with the installation of the BoxBarrier.

Test report BoxBarrier at Drempt

Please download the test report of BoxBarrier at Drempt.

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