CoolSeal paint, keeps LA 10 degrees cooler

CoolSeal Paint

This light paint is decreasing the temperature in the city

Los Angeles is coating its roads in CoolSeal, a gray paint that keeps streets and parking lots 10 degrees cooler than black asphalt.

Engineers developed the material for military air bases to keep spy planes cool while they rest on the tarmac. 

The average temperature in a city of a million or more people can be more than 5 degrees F hotter than surrounding areas. That extra 5 degrees can turn a hot day from uncomfortable to deadly. As temperatures rise, cities will be an especially dangerous place to be during a heat wave, as sweltering weather threatens heat exhaustion, among other maladies.

“This is an urgent challenge, and it’s much bigger than one person,” said Mayor Garcetti in a recent statement. “Climate change is a fact of life that people in Los Angeles and cities around the world live with every day.”


CoolSeal will help LA save money during the summer, when air conditioning sends power bills soaring. And it will save lives by lowering temperatures and improving air quality. Hot weather worsens air pollution by turning car exhaust into smog, which can make life miserable for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Public Health

Climate change is already having a major impact because of the rising temperatures, an increasing risk of floods and droughts and a lack of clean drinking water. This is what urban planners, architects and water experts can implement to bring down city temperatures, to prevent the city from water shortages and make the city a healthy, nice place to live.

Of course, LA will have to do more than paint over a few streets to cool off the city. Angelinos will also need to plant more trees and apply white paint to rooftops — at least those not already covered in solar panels. While LA is a pioneer of reflective streets, other cities, like New York, are already experimenting with reflective roofs or, like Melbourne, lowering the temperature by planting trees. LA is hardly alone in its effort to stay cool.

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Green/Blue infra solutions

The term “Green infrastructure” describes how networks of natural ecosystems also function as crucial community infrastructure, providing ecosystem services and improving environmental sustainability. In the context of managing stormwater, green infrastructure can be defined as man-made systems that mimic natural approaches.

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