Creating Water in the Peru Desert

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Fog Catchers Bring Water to the desert in Peru

Capturing water from the fog and producing food on the driest place on earth: the Atacama Desert, Peru. 

This water has two purposes: clean drinking water and to grow food. Watch this inspiring video from young inventors. 



In Tacna there is 15mm rainfall each year throughout the entire year, the daytime temperature rises up to 35 ° C. At night it cools down to 10 ° C, causing a lot of fog from the Pacific Ocean to move into the area. The water particles in this fog, has been catcher with mist nets.

5000 liters of Drinking Water

In cooperation with the locals, they have installed 15 fog nets. The collected water runs from these nets through a conduit to the second reservoir, which together a have storage capacity of 5000 liters. Since the nets, this community hardly needed to buy any water from outside anymore. Water costs have been reduced by 85% a year.

Sustainable solution

This beautiful water project is completely organic; without energy sources and with minimal polluting agents. The community remains responsible for the progress and maintenance of the nets and for measuring the reservoirs. People have been trained to do so.


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