Crowdfunding is booming in Holland

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In 2015, crowdfunding is again expected to grow substantially

Crowdfunding is booming in Holland. 63 million has been collected in 2014 through crowdfunding, of which 50 million by entrepreneurs.

That is almost double compared to the previous year. More than 2,000 projects and companies have been attracted to crowdfunding. 

100 million

Since 2010 there has been collected over 100 billion euro’s in the Netherlands. Crowdfunding is growing.This form of financing is going more mainstream. Besides sources of funding crowdfunding is also increasingly used as a marketing tool, because a project or company gets more visibility and support. Crowdfunding grew in 2014 on all fronts: both companies, creative projects as social projects are increasingly making use of crowdfunding.

Entrepreneurs crowdfunded average 85.000

Over 50 million euros have been raised by companies in 2014 through crowdfunding. One of the highlights was Snappcar that collected over 560,000 euro 481 investors. Second was Kids Watcher, which pickup in two rounds together 335,000 euros. A creative project took an average of more than 7,000 euros and a social project nearly 10,000 euros.

Stack Financing

Crowdfunding is increasingly combined with other forms of financing. We expect a strong growth of staple financing next year, where entrepreneurs and project owners combine various forms of financing to achieve an appropriate funding mix. We see that bankers, accountants and financial advisors refine their knowledge and now are gaining their first experience combining funding sources.

In 2015, crowdfunding is expected to grow substantially. Agencies such provinces and municipalities will be increasingly active in promoting crowdfunding in the region. Especial in the sectors healthcare and real estate, crowdfunding gives opportunities to new, innovative projects.


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