CSP Global Outlook 2016

CSP Global Outlook 2016

Solar Power would reduce global CO2 emissions by more than 37 billion tons
This corresponds to 4 years of CO2 emissions from China.
This is the Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant

CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and the normal PV could supply in 12 percent of the energy needs of the world in 2050. 

This report, shows how Solar Power could create millions of jobs.


The report calculates various future scenarios for technological growth.

Thanks to the favorable conditions for Thermal Solar Power, together with strong growth in energy efficiency, the scenarios show that in 2030, as many as 2.7 million people could be working in the Sun Power sector. It also shows that by 2050, a significant part of the electricity needs can be supplied with CSP.

Advantages of solar power

The advantages of a worldwide solar power industry are enormous:

  • Solar Power would reduce global CO2 emissions by more than 37 billion tons
    This corresponds to 4 years of CO2 emissions from China.
  • 2.7 million jobs
  • 12% of the needed world power will be green

CSP is key

“This report makes clear that solar is the key to achieving a world powered by 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. This is essential if we want to protect the climate,” said Dr. Luis Crespo, President of ESTELA.

“The importance of solar power is the ability to harness the sun to provide round-the-clock energy. Even when the sun is not shining. It opens up a future of emission-free energy in sunny countries around the planet.” Concentrated Solar Power could count up to 6% of world’s power need in 2030.



This report has been released by Greenpeace International, SolarPACES and ESTELA (European Solar Thermal Electricity Association).


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