Delta Areas protected by Int. Coalition

Delta Areas protected by Int. Coalition

Women plant mangroves to protect the land against Sea Level Rising
Mangrove, the tree that captures carbon, filters saltwater, and stops storms

Delta Areas will be protected by an International Coalition.

That’s the result of the international climate conference ‘Adaptation Futures’, May 11th in Rotterdam.

Countries agreed to work together to create resilient urban delta areas against a rising sea level rising because of the climate change.

The International Delta Coalition is a collaboration between the countries: the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, France, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Mozambique, the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam. Together they aim to protect urban deltas from the effects of climate change such as flooding, water pollution and salinization. The coalition hopes that more countries will join.

New research showed that the sea would rise twice as high as predicted so far. Researchers Robert DeConto and David Pollard reported their results in Nature.

Video Global Sea Level Rising

Global sea level rise: climate change already submerged 5 islands in Solomon archipelago


The world needs to adapt to a changing world. Even if we manage to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum, the global warming continues. Delta countries not only need to respond to the change, they need to be a step ahead of the future. The aim is to prevent a delta area from a disaster. This not only saves lives, it is also a logical economic investment. The coalition calculated that every invested dollar in prevention, yields seven dollars.

Delta knowledge

The international coalition with exchange delta nations do have enormous knowledge. They will share their expertises, experience and ideas to prevent coastal areas from disasters. All these countries are aware of the enormous risks that living in a delta entails and they are determined to give environmental protection a top priority.

3 goals

  1. The water risks in urban deltas needs to be shown as top priority on the international agenda
    By climbing the podium, the delta countries hope for a broad international support to access investment from multilateral (climate) funds
  2. By sharing knowledge, experience and best practice, the protection will lift all countries to a higher level
    Knowledge institutes like the Delta Coalition will collaborate to develop to a knowledge based delta infra structure
  3. Countries will work together on the realization of national and international goals
    A good example is the ongoing cooperation between Indonesia, Korea and the Netherlands in tackling flood problems in Jakarta. Also, countries will cooperate in the existing Disaster Risk Reduction Teams. (…) ‘



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