Delta city Jakarta protected by Dutch Water Experts

A seawall will protect delta city Jakarta

A seawall will protect delta city Jakarta

Jakarta is sinking about 6 cm a year. This low delta city also faces sea level rising and needs protection.

That’s why the Indonesian ministries, Jakarta City and Dutch water engineers work together in a 30 – 40 years NCICD-project to protect the city in a sustainable way against climate change.

The NCICD project is a world’s first in terms of scale and approach based on a masterplan developed by a Dutch consortium led by engineering and consultancy firms.

  1. Phase 1
    Reinforce the current sea wall combined with water treatment projects and revitalization of the coast.
  2. Phase 2
    Construction of the Garuda-shaped seawall in the western part of Jakarta Bay, combined with a new city for 300,000 residents and 600,000 workers.
  3. Phase 3
    Construction of an eastern seawall combined with a port expansion project and a new airport.

The existing flood defense in Jakarta are too low in many places: in October 2013 the sea water level was just 10 centimeters below the edges. North Jakarta has an average soil subsidence rate of 7.5 to 17 centimeters per year, presenting a major risk for the four million people living behind the flood defenses.

This is the second billions project for the Dutch. The first coastal city to use Dutch expertise was New Orleans when it reconstructed its new flood defense system after hurricane Katrina (2005).


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