Developing countries invested more in green power

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Global New Investment in Renewable Energy by Region from 2004 to 2014

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported beautiful news. Since 2013 the world develops more capacity for the generation of green electricity than there is for coal, gas and oil together!

143 GigaWatts renewables versus 141 GigaWatts fossils.

And even better: the developing countries India, Kenya and Brazil have been investing more in renewables than all OESO countries together!


Last year, developing countries have invested a record amount of dollars in green power: 126 billion dollar. China is leading. They have expanded their capacity by 35 GigaWatts. This is good news because China is responsible for the highest CO2 emissions in the world.

It also means that the fear of the wealthy countries might be unfair, The environment measures they have taken and planned, are important to decrease worlds temperature.


Imagine that developing countries will increase their economy using green power instead of fossils. Just like the African countries did with their telephones. They skipped building a telephone wire infrastructure but in a few years, switched completely to mobile phones.


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