Drilling and Drowning

Ben van Beurden feels no responsibility for Climate Change

Money still rules the oil business. But the world will drown if we pump too much oil, Ben van Beurden (Shell)!

“I will drill all the oil I can.”

This was said by Shell’s CEO Ben van Beurden. last weekend in an interview with News Hour. The boss of Shell responded to the question of whether his company – now there is a climate agreement – will pump less gas and oil?

No, was his answer. As long as the demand is there, Shell will pump all it can get.

Drilling and drowning

Ironically, it is almost impossible. Dramatically said, the world will drown if we pump too much oil.

Not responsible

But Shell does not feel responsible for it, as the sea-level rises. According to Shell, the world needs to burn less oil and gas by itself. Shell as a driller, does not need to diminish in any way. Van Beurden needs to satisfy its shareholders in the world. The message is clear: the shareholder is the creator and driving force behind the Shell CEO.

Circle of responsibilities

This interview showed two insights:

  1. The oil giant will not invest in renewable energy
  2. The climate problem is still ‘something from the other.
    Consumers want the politics to take their responsibility, politics points to the industry and the companies back to the consumer.

That’s fine, isn’t it? As long as no one is responsible, afterwards there will be no one guilty.

Public anger, Shell is not too big to fall

Public anger: never too big to fall

Collective anger

Wrong. Our estimate is that precisely Shell will be awaken rudely. The financial crisis has taught us one important thing: It’s often one party which is the biggest loser.

How complex the problems were, and how many reps there were (consumer, political, regulatory, business), the multinationals which grabbed the money before the escalation:, the collective anger will hit companies like Shell.

So indeed just by pumping, the oil giant might get some ‘sailing time, “and bring in tons of money, but the public will be happy when the company will really drown.

Fortunately, the politicians will throw Van Beurden a life preserver.


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One Response to Drilling and Drowning

  1. Follow This says:

    Supporting statement:
    As shareholders in Shell, we want you to know that we expect the company to move in a new direction. We want Shell to change course and make the move to sustainable energy.
    We know Shell can make a difference.

    What would happen if Shell billions would invest in wind farms in the North Sea or solar parks in the Sahara? The necessary energy transition to a renewable energy would be accelerated.

    The statement has been accepted by Shell and will be one of the agenda items during the shareholders meeting in May 2016
    The full statement: https://follow-this.org/shell/shareholder-resolution/

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